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AIW issue

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Nibiru, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Im hoping to get some advice.
    Im making a track with btb with multiple layouts (9 to be precise) At this stage I have 5 working layouts, but just cant work out why the other 4 dont work. What usually happens when loading a track and you get errors is the loading bar stops, you press alt/tab click on rfactor and get the error message and you get an idea of what is wrong. With the 4 non working tracks I get no errors the loading bar gets to the end but just freezes. The only way out is ctrl/alt/del. If I then click rfactor I get nothing. I have to go into task manager to close rfactor. After some trial and error I have found that its the AIW file that seems to cause the issue. I have checked the center/fastlanes teleport etc and all seems fine so Im at a loss and hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.
    I have just noticed in here the AIW editor so ill give that a try but any help is welcomed.

  2. I hope not to confuse you with my answer, but I have experienced this type of error loading the circuit, staying frozen no choice but to get the task manager and stop rfactor.

    these problems were related to the file "Track.tdf" had bad file paths inside "Track.gdb"

    which defines all the different layouts routes ... as you know.

    look again if that file has the correct path .... I think it's not your problem, but it do not take much to check, if you have not already.

  3. Thank you for your reply. That was the first place I checked and have checked several times. The 4 tracks that have the issue also have the issue when I try and load the track when exported straight out of btb. What makes me think it is the AIW file is I can put an AIW file from a working track into one of the non working tracks and that track will load as soon as I put the original AIW file in problem is back
  4. After using the rFactor AIW editor I now have the 4 tracks working. All I did was load the track with the AIW editor and saved the weighpoints and the tracks loaded, only thing is I lost the rubber marks on the road. I guess I have to learn a bit more about the editor.

    So I'm still unsure as to what the issue was except for a corrupted AIW file but it works.

    Hopefully this might help someone else
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  5. ISI AIW/CAM Editor: go to unsupported options. click "recalculate groove". the box doesn't react (it doesn't change color..) so you need to click it multiple times to get grooves back. Guitarmans AIW editor is good for finetuning the AIW.
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  6. Thank you