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AIW checkpoint issue: second checkpoint not working

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Lee Knight, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Ive already done several long distance AIW's without too many troubles, but Ive never had this happen before & Im wondering if anyone else may have had it & know of a fix.
    Ive been turning a multi-route venue into a circuit & the second checkpoint won't 'trigger' which causes rF to shuffle a cars position on the leader board from first to last & when they eventually cross the line (it's a 68.4km circuit) the car is then shuffled back to the correct position.
    But, here's the real problem, because of the checkpoint failing to trigger, the car fails to 'clock-off' the lap thats just been completed.
    Ive tried moving the checkpoint but it's position on the track doesn't seem to matter & it still fails.
    Has anyone else had this trouble & is there a fix for this issue without starting over as I've had to 'hand-append' a large section of this track & I don't look forward to doing it all again!
    I've previously done several tracks from 33 to 80km's in length & Ive nearly finished a 96.4km route at the same venue, all without this issue AND using, at times, the same appending-by-hand 'method'....
  2. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    The timing gates are 3D models - open SimEd and import the SCN file for that layout, and look for xsector2.gmt. If it's in the right place, try making the faces double-sided (don't ask me how, I don't know).
  3. Blast, I've got 3d SimEd, but I never got it registered & now it's locked until I can buy a license for it.
    I did take note though that the writing on the checkpoint is the correct way around though.(Would that be a sign as to what you've mentioned?)
    In version 7 of BTB we could swing the checkpoint & pit gates around, it would be good if we could still do the same now- maybe I could test by driving through the gate the 'wrong way'.
    Then again I could be wrong with all those thinks I just written but you've given me some food for thought.....
    Thanks Kyle!:cool:
  4. Now is a good time to buy something in pounds, 25.00 GBP = 37.3080 AUD

    To make it double sided in simed, duplicate the face (copy and paste) and reverse it. I'm not sure if tagging it 2 sided works, I have never tried. You can always make a timing gate with a wall in btb. You just have to rename it, although renaming gmt's might have issues, once again, you'd really need simed in the end.
  5. Gday Mianiak & ehrlec,
    Ive been back into BTB to check several times & no, they haven't been flipped in either order or direction- I checked by the writing on them as to direction that they faced....
    Ive even tried deliberately detouring that particular 'gate' & it doesn't matter if Im a kilometer away, I get past that certain point & everything shuffles on the leader board.
    Ive stopped & gone back through the 'gate' in the wrong direction & the leader board shuffles back into the correct position only to do it once more when going back through in the correct direction.
    If I'm in 1st when I go through the 'gate', I get shuffled to last, 2nd becomes 9th 3rd-8th & so on.
    This happens for each car as they pass through.
    These positions remain like that, apart from the cars overtaking each other, until reaching the start/finish line where upon crossing that, they're all shuffled back to the correct order.
    It's because of this, I believe, that the cars fail to register a completed lap....
    Ive even sat & watched the AI controlling my own car, too make sure I didn't miss anything & still the same problem occurs.....
    Does this clarify things at all?
    I had been up all night working on it before & may have muddled things up before....:redface:
  6. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I think your gate is the wrong way around - you are driving through the 'back' of the polygons by the sound of it.
  7. Ive tried to avoid the gate deliberately & then drive through the 'wrong-way' but that did nothing for it either....
    I'll PM you & ehrlec a file link to drop in & try yourselves if you guy's don't mind.....
    Thanks everyone for your time & any assistance you can provide in identifying a cure for this issue!
  8. Thanks anyway ehrlec,
    I made it in BTB because the rF tool stopped creating Waypoints about 2-3km's short of completing the 96km circuit...
    When I appended 3 of the 4 routes it automatically created a circuit with the AI lines going 'cross-country' & Ive had to 'hand append' that to the 4th pert of the route.
    I may just need to do as Kyle has mentioned but Ive never used 3D SimEd & a little reluctant to use it if I can find a way of using BTB.
    I'd have to buy the license for a start just to find out if it can be solved in this way.
    Thanks for your time though, Cheers!

  9. I too was having this issue with a multi-path course. I tried flipping the checkpoint gates and making sure they were double sided... then I found the issue. Make sure you check this: Look at the .SCN file for the layout that isn't counting laps. Are the paths at the beginning of the file correct??

    The method I use is to have one folder that contains everything that is the same for all the different track layouts. Then each different layout has it's own folder within the main track folder that contains their specific AIW, CAMS, and the sector gates. I tried for weeks to figure why one layout wasn't counting laps when I just now realized that the path in the SCN file for that layout was pointing to a different layout's path (I just copy and pasted each SCN and changed only what I needed for each layout). Just ran it again and presto!!!! Hope it's as easy as that for you.
  10. OK, fixed timing gate 'checkpoint2' by finding a way to spin it around in BTB.
    I had to set that gate to manual placement then suddenly the flip & spin arrows turn up to be used...
    Sorry about that one everyone!
    But, I still can't get it to register a lap as completed & now Ive narrowed it down to happening where the AI Fastline's start & finish points are.
    (Several kilometers before the Start/Finish proper)
    When I appended track, much like another that I have done, the beginning & end points of the AI lines were in two separate places.
    With my last multiple route circuit I did this didn't create too much trouble after snapping these points of the F/L together, on this project however, there are 3 routes instead of 2 that have been appended & the same method has failed to work.
    Has anyone else had this trouble?
    Do you have a cure that could save me a lot of stuffing around?
    I'll keep banging away at this & post if I do find a cure, but if someone could save me a few hours of frustration it would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again, BLeeK
  11. I spent all last night trying to sought this AIW....
    I went & found where I had joined the start & finish points of the AIW Fastline & separated them fractionally rather than have them in the exact same place & that eliminated another timing glitch but still the lap wouldn't register.
    Ive tried flipping both the Finish & Start gates separately & both together but still no luck.....
    I've still got to optimise the F/L for better AI speed & behaviour but don't wish to move on until I can get the laps registering & I'm really starting to come to an end on this one.
    Any idea's anyone?
  12. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Perhaps create a temporary circuit track, append that one, and then drag the fastline nodes onto the Johnstone roads? It might work - in theory it should.
  13. HAHAHA!
    Thanks for all your help guys but Ive found the problem....ME & my Noob-osity!
    Ive been working with the original BTB files for this track & then after exporting, swapping the AIW over to the completed & packed track....
    Ive only just found out that I shouldve also been swapping over the checkpoint & finish gates in the SCN as well!
    Now I know Im definately going to have to learn about using the MASS toll so I can set up 4 different options for timed racing at this venue....
    Now to just try & find a 'how to' read to learn to do this, if anyone knows of a good one for a bloke that gets confused with 'PC's for Dummies'.....? :wink:
    Thanks again for all your help fella's & it wont be long now!
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