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AIGuidence mod 0.4

Fixed more or less AI lines

  1. kikooOOoo submitted a new resource:

    AIGuidence mod - Fixed more or less AI lines

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  2. hey can i ask you something about the screens? as i see that you riding with redding are you using the rkh mod? cause he adding the ducati bike on the petrucci and redding in the team, have you the same problem than me with the numbers to show on bike front?

    edit:has tried your mod and i like too mutch the work has you done, for now i try the argentina track and had a lot of fun with the default data like never before must try yet others track but really appreciate your mod
  3. ok guy had time to test your mod and the result is that your mod is not so good....no no is fantastic!!!!! the feeling that i had riding in cockpit helmet wiew it's unbeliveble, i ride time trial at jerez and le mans with default data mix and untouched options of bike(suspention brake..etc) only to feel the new splines, and all are moutch better for my personal feeling, i made 1.36.1 on lemans cockpit wiew and never made this time before, so keep it up boy for me you're doing it very well
  4. Hi mate, yes I am using the rkh mod and yes I do have the same bug with the numbers not showing at the front. I believe that the bike number bug is mentioned by rkh in the overview of his mod so its normal.
  5. I am glad you like it, and feel free to use it with a physics mod. My goal for this mod is to make it on the default data just to make sure that everything works fine and then to implement it to a physics mod that I like because that way if there are problems I will know that its because of the physics mod. In the end the AI is still to slow for me and I am trying not to just make the lines that the AI take more realistic but to make them better in a way that the AI go faster and don't lose to much time. If you have opinions on making this mod better please share them :D
  6. oh yes it's not a matter if is slower ,(but not too mutch) but that i want to notice is that the ai driver are not more so "stupid" or somthing else they don't ever push you on braking point if you breake a little before i don't know if is only my impression but make two gp's in different tracks and the resoults are more sort of kind satisfaction to ride, in argentina were made a good good race i'm starting in pole than first laps i'm going a little slower due the hard tyre on front and lorenzo e dovi are gone away but not mutch and then last four laps are coming more battle couse i coming closer and pass the two's on last lap, it was really a lot of fun and during the race none of other riders are made weird actions only rossi is fall down tempting a pass too mutch internal on a corner, so for me with default is just mutch funny maybe try on a physic mods, but believe me i never was so satisfacted to drive in cockpit wiew like with your mod,and finally make 2-3 second slower than reality time at lemans with cockpit wiew and gamepad, it's just enough i think, to say positive things of your mod
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  7. I've added a tutorial on editing the AI lines, you can find it at the Overview page. This way if you are using a physics mod which you probably are and some corners are not correct you can fix them yourself. My original goal was to create this mod for all the tracks on default physics and then to implement it for the popular physics mod/ crate a few versions of it, that way I would know that if a problem came up it would be because of the physics mods. But with this tutorial you won't have to wait for me to finish it. So good luck editing :D
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
  8. hey kikoo maybe i have discovered a bug or something else, weird with the mod ,i have make a quite long session in time trial and have made a best lap in 1.55.3.... it was the 5 or 6th lap don't remeber well and on next lap i have made 9,4.. hundred oh second better but time lapsed has signed still 1.55.3.. i came back to box and on the schedule tab my best lap has signed 1.55.3 yet its' sime kind of cronometer of track still blocked on that time has reference,now i don't undestand if this is a bug of milestone itself or it happens only with your mod. or maybe i'm too faster for the game!!! ahahaahahah

    edit: i forget to mention that i was running not with my personal carrer pilot but with iannone rider on losail track
  9. This happens to me sometimes, it's not a thing related to this mod. Maybe it can be related to have mods in the game or something like it...:unsure:

    Now, after pass the finish line, i always go to the next checkpoint only to be sure!:D
  10. ah ok maybe it'so but i'm sure i made that time without mod it's only data default and my setup for losail have yet not phisics mods istalled due the updates modifing ok i will try with mods
  11. I've noticed this as well and yes as Dyego says I go to the next checkpoint just to make sure... It doesn't always happen but sometimes it does. Yes its really weird. I think its game related I'm not 100% sure but it happened on default game files as well. :D
  12. ahaahah sometimes when appens this things i'm feeling about milestone and the italian'related like s'peter vs jesus
    "peter do you know a man called jesus nazarenus? no i'm not not not" so i'm exactly about milestone "milestone are italians? no they not not not" ahahahaahah
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