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AI Level

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Charly7478i, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Hi to all, please... how can i do for running in aficionado level or profesional.... months run in "abierto" not more... very unrealistic AI.... always finished in second place in the tournament 1 point less than that Champion!!! Always, is frustrating... thanks a lot.
  2. if you're asking for a cheat, i don't think any are available, those days are gone.
  3. Sorry? What are you saying? are you crazy? that trap you speak? I buy the game !!! I pay USD 30 !!!!! and just ask how to do to pass the level !!!!!! oh my god .... that world crazier
  4. Very very crazio.:rolleyes:
  5. Learn the tracks, learn to set up the car to drive faster...employ engineers, i'm afraid there is no fast track in this game, just stubborn minded persistence ( that's why I like it ) :)
    Race your chosen car in 'custom' championships first so they get upgraded, then, enter the official game championships.
  6. WardogZ: thank you very much, I just need to know that, explain to me, thank you.
    As Eckhart von Glan I think I confused because my English is not very good, I thought "cheat" was a thief, swindler, something like that, so I apologize to him and to the forum, but the response from Andy Jackson regrettable because he understood my question .... and clearly noticed that my English made me confused.
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  7. enough said already
  8. Sorry but i dont understand... I win the championship in career mode custom championship, 6 rallies and 12 stages i win 4 rallies and 133 points, the second was 106 but the level not change!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!
  9. you cannot advance your career in custom championship, you can only win cash and upgrade your car, to advance from open - clubman etc, you must play in the official championship. It's just easier if you upgrade your car first.