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AI fuel or tyre stops in dedicated server setup ?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by CeeCee, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. After searching for AI Fuel /Pit stops in rFactor 2, I have drawn a blank.
    I have run a small Friday rFactor1 server for some friends for a couple of years now.
    We decided to now move to rFactor2, server now up and running but I cannot seem to get the AI to pit.
    Also Pitstops are not available in game menu, probably due to the mod.
    In rFactor 1 I can set the AI to pit 2 or 3 times during a 5X fuel usage 14 lap race.
    Where do I go and how do I implement this in rFactor 2 ?
    Can anybody help ?
    Otherwise we have to stay with rFactor1 and that will be a pity as Rfactor 2 immersion is great !
  2. What car/mod?
  3. Dag Gijs,
    We are using FRSH2015 1.4 and doing the last F1 2015 tracks (hopefully Mexico is released soon!).
    Thanks for the speedy reply :)
  4. I think the car won't allow refuelling, and the AI run out off fuel.
    F1 today don't do refuels, only tire changes.

    But rF2 has new features to simulate modern F1. Like Q2, Q1 knockout...
  5. We had the same problem in rFactor 1 and the only way to get the AI to pit was to use the fuel option.
    To force the AI to stop only for tyres would be a much realistic solution.
    But thanks for your input, much obliged.
  6. I think you can enforce 2 tire compounts to be used. And cars in Q2 need to start on their Q tire compount.
    It need some file digging and testing. Because these things aren't default settings. :whistling:
  7. Thanks Gijs,
    Now I have a start point again !
    Regards !
  8. Hi Gijs,
    I spent the last days trawling through rFactor 2 forums (including this one of course!) but I cannot seem to find anywhere to force the Q1, Q2 tyre enforcement rules.
    If you know of a thread I can read I would be very much obliged.
    Thanks in advance !
  9. Look for Knockout Quali. Here is a bit of info: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/25476-Build-982-Knockout-Qualifying

    Other race rules are in the .rfm file. When you make a Vmod you can choose a custom .rfm file.

    - Click on "Customize"
    - Click on the "B" next to rFm as
    - Copy past the rFm to your desktop
    - Rename it !!!
    - Change stuff in the file you want/need
    - Drag it back next to the default.rfm (keep a copy of your custom.rfm )
    - use your rFm to create a Vmod

    - Mod Name (don't use spaces in the Mod Name)
    - Change Version numbers if use the same custom.rfm if you make another Vmod with it
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
  10. Thanks Gijs,
    Have not been able to log in for some days and just saw this.
    I will try it, thanks for the input !