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Tracks Ahvenisto 1.0

Small and technical circuit, excellent as a hotlap challenge.

  1. AnssiH submitted a new resource:

    Ahvenisto - Small and technical circuit, excellent as a hotlap challenge.

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  2. Looks amazing! Will test when i get home. Does it have physical bump mesh on the road for FFB feeling of dips/bumps/noise? There is an excellent guide by LilSki in case the track doesnt have that mesh. Can link, if needed, when i get home.

    Cheers! :)
  3. Yes, it's been built with correct Assetto Corsa standards. In fact, I didn't even bother to simplify the visual road mesh because the track seems to not have performance problems as it is, and this way you can actually see the bumps when the sun shines onto the track from the correct angle :D

    But to answer your question, yes the physical mesh is top notch.
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  4. Oh man that make me so happy. :thumbsup: I never had time yesterday to test. Now im looking forward to it big time wohoo. I can sense a 5/5 comes later from me lol. :)
  5. Wow great track, just needs some track side objects and it will be perfect.
  6. Awesome work, with a few more details and maybe reducing the tarmac exposure on few places, this will be one of the best mod tracks!
  7. REM1976

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Fantastic track, very solid, very atmospheric....love it
  8. By far the most accurate Ahvenisto, looks great too!

    Few inaccuracies in the layout, the left hander after the pits should start sooner and at the entry of the same turn, the bit on the right should be asphalt not grass. They often use it IRL to get a good line. And there's a small dip on the short straight before the main straight, whereas in real it's pretty much flat. Otherwise it's almost spot on! Just needs someone to do the buildings and other objects.

    Great work, thanks a lot! :thumbsup:
  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys!
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  10. Seems great! Also noticed tarmac seemed a bit blinding in some places, 10:30 clear weather (using pp off for oculus for now, perhaps its better with pp on although i think boris is using pp and seeing the same)

    Track map and updated outline.png to match the style of kunos UI images would be great!

  11. REM1976

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    "Track map and updated outline.png to match the style of kunos UI images would be great!"

    map.png outline.png
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  12. A track map as standard would be nice indeed (simply delete map.png and reload the track) and a sections.ini.
    Other than that, very nice! I was confused at first when the finish line was not at the pits, but that seems to be correct :p
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  13. thanks @REM1976 @NighEye87
    data/map.ini is also required, attached, hopefully this + the two pngs can be included in next version

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  14. Very good! Track surface feels good and the layout seems to be fairly accurate.
    Could use some trackside objects and random crap to make it more athmospheric. Also vegetation could use some love, there's quite a lot repetition especially with bushes.
    In anycase it's a keeper already.

    Thanks Anssi! Kiitti, hyvää duunia!
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  15. Excellent :)
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