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again fanaleds, fanatec LEDS or dashmeter

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by mizz, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. anybody a clue to get the named working?

    the configuration of te game is a disater

    greets andi
  2. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
    Steam: Brian Mac Premium Member

    We will have to wait for an update from fanaleds, im sure it will come next week.
  3. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium Member

    Wouldn't hold your breath, Fanaleds & Siminstruments haven't updated their software for awhile, people have been asking for a update for Automobilsta for quite sometime now, Siminstruments just don't reply now.

    Actually I was wrong Fanaleds just updated their software, but only for Automobilista..
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2016