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After a long play session yesterday...

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Ryan Soucy, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    Dang, now I'm getting anxious for this to come out. I had started several careers with the open wheelers, but I decided to try the Clio Cup as my starting point. What brilliant racing. Normally I'm turned off by FWD cars, but I was so sucked in once qualifying started. I actually started the first weekend from the back to see how high I could climb up. I loved the double race format. Best of all was the weather. The cars are tricky in the wet, but not impossible. In Q at Snetterton, I was just about to finish my first fast lap when the rain started. I was pretty nervous that I wouldn't be able to bank a quick lap, but it took a couple minutes for the water to build up, and the next lap was tricky. Race 2 started in full rain, but eventually the rain let up (enough to kill the wipers), but the track was still slick. I'm 4 events in to the championship 2 points out of 1st. I know it doesn't matter where I finish because the next patch will delete my progress. That's the most frustrating part right now. I want to get some more serious time in the career mode, but what's the point - aside from one night of fun. I have a feeling I'll probably crawl inside this game when it comes out and reappear at the end of the summer.

    As for bugs, there was a bug where I got 3 Battery failures in one pit stop, and a lockup when I tried to skip to the end of a session, and I drove through another car when the AI took over for autopit. I'm sure there are a ton of bugs like this to quash, now they've got over a month to work it out.

    So putting aside the acrimony and controversy, what have been people's "oh frickin' WOW" moments.
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  2. I don't have any "wow" moments to share just yet. I am just more and more impressed with the AI each day. I really believe in this title and think it will redefine simulation. Not in terms of FFB and Physics but more in terms of the other gameplay features like weather and day/night transition. The fact that it will be on console will attract more people to the genre.
  3. Ryan, send me an FR on Steam. Maybe we can race.
  4. I've had way too many 'Wow' moments in pCARS lately to even begin to list them.

    On the driving through other cars on pit. When the AI has control your car is automatically Ghosted(collision mesh is disabled) when it takes over. It remains ghosted for a little bit after pit exit. This is to keep incidents from happening in the pit lane with the AI in control.
  5. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    Gonna have to, I have a measly 2 Steam friends! From my limited online experience, it was fine, but it was in that February period where they borked the FFB, so I didn't really get into it.

    I think back to when I first signed up for pCars (2012?) and was so blown away by the graphics, especially the Azure Coast road. Now when I see the comparisons between the old and the latest I laugh.

    I don't really mind the ghosting, especially considering how tight the pit-ins are on some of those small Brit tracks. If the AI had to manage a full collision box I could see chaos. I appreciated the breather during the pit.

    One think I haven't done much of in the past 2/3 years is spend meaningful time in the top level cars. I loved the BAC Mono and the Caterham, but the other cars were so hard to drive that I never felt confident enough to do much with them. Not sure if I'll jump in now or use the career system on release to build my way up to it. I might wait to reward myself.
  6. To all you guys: get some practice in the FG1000 and then we can meet up. It's a great car to drive/race. Anyway, at this point it is more about doing some laps and socializing. We can all worry about pace when the game releases and leagues start to form all over the place.

    I will post a link to my steam profile when I get home tonight.
  7. Guys, try a AI (or an MP if you find one) race with Clio @ Sakitto international and then report the wow factor.
  8. Sorry Andrej, although I believe you that it is awesome, I have to sadly admit...I cannot drive FWD very well at all.:(

    However, I can say that I did have a "wow" moment racing against the AI at Spa in a GT4 race and then another one at Catalunya GP while racing the FG1000. So much fun. Check out my YouTube channel. Search - Snappy Dee Project CARS FG1000 @ Catalunya GP
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  9. Yea, i can still remember the days of TGC-FGC races with the Gulf. Checked your video, waiting paid off although he was outbreaking you with AI precision.
    If Clio is not the car for you, at least try the Sakitto international with a slower car and enough AI or MP cars around you.
  10. Yeah, he was outbraking me. That is one thing I noticed in pCars. Braking can be tricky. Of course , I drive the cars with a default setup but hat should be no excuse. :)

    Check my on-board GT4 Race at Sakitto. I will be adding more videos as time allows. What a great little sim this is going to be!
  11. I did a 30 Lap vs 27 AI(@90%) on Sakitto International(the shorter circuit) in the FG1000. What an intense-battle filled race that was!! The replay is a joy to watch using only Trackside cameras. That was the real wow moment, nearly like watching myself in an actual televised race. :) There may or may not have been some bump and runs. :p
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  12. Sounds awesome. I might try that today.
  13. How did you manage that 90 degree (almost) full stop turn in Gulf? Video perhaps or replay file maybe?
  14. HUH? I think you confused 90° for 90%, as in 90 per cent Strength setting. The default. Usually I turn it down to 85 in GT3 and LMP races. I can never catch the leader @90% in those cars.
  15. Any of you going to be around later at around 20:00 EST? Or are you guys Euros? I ask because I want to put together an FG1000 lobby. The only MP races I keep seeing are for GT3 cars or LMP cars. Don't get me wrong, they are great cars but there is something about the FG1000 that has really grabbed my attention. I can't stop driving it!

    Just wondering if anyone wants to do some MP racing with it.
  16. Yea, i'm €. But i have an important bussiness visit tomorrow so no fun for me today. I'll practice the Gulf on some of the tracks during weekend and perhaps you'll be around.
  17. Very good Andrej, I should be around Saturday and Sunday during the day. How about Sunday, say 9 am EST = 2pm GMT? I'll set up a public race and maybe some folks will jump in. BTW, practice at Catalunya GP. We can run there.;)
  18. No no, it's the third to last corner (full 90 degree turn) before the chichane that enters the finishing straight. That's where things happen when racing Clios.
  19. Yea, it's a nice wide track, like Road America. I'll see if i can make it.
  20. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Folks, came here to ask something because of your praising AI got my attention.

    Why is it good? They do mistakes? They respect your line? They dont follow a trail like a locomotive? Do they have mechanical failures too? Is there a grudge system which certain AI drivers get to be rivals with you after battles?