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Advice on setups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ryan Sylvester, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    hoping somebody could help me, I've been racing on the following set ups on xbox360

    Ai - Legend
    Automatic transmission
    Tyre wear - On
    Fuel ware -Off
    TCS - Full
    ABS - on
    Brake assist - Off
    auto pit stops and limiter
    racing line for corners only (due to being reletively new and not playing it enough!)

    Now i have been given the advice of trying the setup pages from RD. i have done on certain tracks and have ended up slower than i would if i just use a quick setup from the Engineer in Career mode.

    is this due to to the setups being done for people who do not use assists? or is it to do with the car im using (Virgin)?

    im thinking of turning assists off and learning it without any (although the whole pit stop/rev limiter daunts me!!) apart from automatic transmission as i dont feel like il ever be able to do it.

    i think what im asking is: would it be better if i was to use the setups on here and also turn off the assists as much as i feel i can?

    im looking to join online races, so i want to get better so i dont look a complete fool!!

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Start driving with the manual transmission and turn off ABS. After you have gotten used to driving like this, then turn off TC. Oh and lose the racing line once you know a track. You'll end up chasing the line which could do more harm than good. Sometimes when you are in traffic you have to get off the racing line to pass the other cars and in wet conditions (in the real world not in this game) the racing line is not where the grip is (if you can believe this, but it's true).
  3. Just run a setup that your happy with yourself, it that means a quick setup then so be it. Everybody has there own preferences when it comes to how they want the car to feel so the setups page isnt necassarily the be all and end all. As a general rule i would just try and use as little wing as possible, this is where i make up a lot of lost time.

    As for the assists, your asking the wrong person as im very biased. Turn them ALL OFF and have all sims ON!! :) Hate assists. Much better to learn from day 1 without.
  4. yeah, il take that on board guys, as i've been quite happy with the quick setups and i have also signed up to do a club race tonight with all assists bar pits and automatic transmission off so i will get a feel for it there.

    Thanks guys
  5. A lot of the setups are only really good for Time Trial mode, rather than career (especially early career with no car upgrades).
    Some you can tweak by adding more wing, but in general they are aimed at 1 hotlap, rather than being balanced for races.

    Get into manual gears as quick as you can and lose the abs. Then as said above phase out the TC. If you are on a joypad then its gonna be tough, so believe me, you need to put in the practice.

    ive nearly got 500hrs driving with F1 and im still learning. To put this in perspective, you only need 50hrs flying time to get a pilots licence!
  6. I would agree with what most of the guys above have said, except for the gears part. I probably did this the wrong way when I started playing this game: I turned off all aids except autogears and turned on fuel and tire sims. It is possible that I could be faster with manual but now I am so used to it that when testing manual driving - on tracks I know - I am slower. It would take a lot of practise for me to get used to that so I will stick to auto.

    So if you decide to go for manual, my advice is to do it asap but I think manual is a bit overrated as far as being faster then auto, there are some situations that it is an small advantage but not so much that I would consider it now. If one tweaks the gears right in the setup there is really not much of a diffrence, imho anyway :)
    I know I am not the fastest guy on track, far from it, but going manual would not help me at all.

    As for the manual pit limiter, well that thing is so full of bugs it would be best to always keep it on auto, would be the most fair thing for online races anyway. You get random speed penaltys, even when you are well below the speedlimit, we hvae the FI pitbug, limiter not releasing when it should on some tracks...it's easy to learn when to brake and such on manual, it's just the bugs that bug me :D
  7. yeah, i have ordered a wheel (as currently use a pad) and hoping that i could move to manual then my thinking being the paddle shift would be easy to pick up! and that was my thinking about the setups, think im going to just take the advice of tinkering until i find what suits me.

    pit limiter as you say, seems to be auto on the club races i've seen so far so they probably think the same as you do!

    Thanks alot!
  8. How does auto pit lane speed limiter work anyway?? Can you just hack it into the pitlane at whatever speed you want and it slows you down automatically?? Is it impossible to pick up a penalty for speeding in the pitlane?
  9. Yes and yes.
  10. Coming into the pits at Montreal with auto pit is pretty cool :D

    I think gears is just down to personal preference. I don't really see an advantage to manual or auto gears compared to TC and ABS. You will adjust to either with practice. I'm sure I'm not using manual to it's fullest speed advantage, myself and Jan are pretty matched pound for pound, but for me, it has to be manual. But I only started manual once I got my G27, no way could it cope with manual on a joypad. But I just like being in full control of driving. I enjoy the gear changing, what can I say lol.
  11. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    On many tracks you can do a lot worse than taking the fastest engineers setup and tweaking gears a little (top speed) and wing.

    Its a nice setup with excellent turn in for such low wing.