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Advice on driving in the wet

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Finn, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Finn


    Hey peeps, had a similar issue in 2012 although I eventually found speed in the wet by braking early and pumping them to set me up better for the corner, although that doesn't seem to work as well in 2013.

    Am at Canada and have the same prob to what I had in Malaysia, that is I'm quick in the dry, very competitive on intermediates but then just can't compete with the AI in full wet conditions, they seem to be able to glide through corners so much faster than myself where I have to ease through like nobody's business to avoid a spin.

    Could I have some general advice as to tactics for driving in the wet?? Am on the default setup as the first 30 laps were dry and I've always found the default a decent way to go in Montreal but even after practising a bit my only success is improving my braking points a bit, struggling like crazy with corner speed!
  2. Richárd Gonda

    Richárd Gonda

    default setups are **** they're 1.5 slower than a good setup. (just type it ti google, f1 2013 Monaco setup and you'll find a decent setup, these are videos,
  3. Anthony Henderson

    Anthony Henderson

    I think the setup is the reason you're slower in the wet. If you can test the track limits in the wet comfortably and you're still slower, it's got to be the setup. I had a race in Silverstone where I wasn't as competitive as the Legend cars, but on intermediates I was faster than they were. I think I may have had a click or two too much in the front wing (3 front, 1 rear) which made me faster in the wet. However, there is another aspect. Silverstone doesn't really have that many slow corners, so traction is not as much at a premium as Canada or Malaysia. I think the AI are way too strong out of slow corners, and the fast corners (pretty much second gear and up) rely on how grippy your setup is.
  4. Andrew

    I'm not lazy, I'm just very relaxed. Staff Premium

  5. Harshil Sharma

    Harshil Sharma

    A little higher wing angle if there are more smooth curves than sharp ones will help. Also using fuel mix mode 1 (lean) and short shifting (shifting gears up earlies than normal) will help, especially when the tires are worn.