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Adrian Sutil

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, May 15, 2012.

  1. Adrian Sutil is eyeing a return to the grid amid rumours Ferrari may be looking to replace Felipe Massa before the current season is up.

    The German is confident that an opportunity to return soon will arise, despite no current seats being available. Speculation in the paddock suggests Ferrari may be looking to Paul di Resta to replace Massa, meaning a seat at Sutil's former team, Force India, would become available.

    Sutil spent much of the weekend in the Spanish GP paddock speaking with the Force India team, fuelling the rumours, but he admitted nothing has been agreed.

    "That is the key to getting a drive and hopefully very soon. At the moment, there are no seats available and I have to wait. But people know that I am ready and on hold. I have to wait for the call.

    "I talk to many different teams, but they can't say anything right now. They say that they are maybe interested, but you can't get more. They tell me to hold on, keep fit and then maybe there is an opportunity. I have to believe in it and it will come."
    Sutil doesn't believe the suspended sentence handed to him in January for assualt will impact his chances.

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  2. Every week someone different is linked to the Ferrari seat. First Perez, then Webber, and now Sutil?
  3. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Would be a very interesting move. Despite all Sutil did wrong last year he is still an excellent race driver that is missed in F1.

    If he doesn't get the seat at Ferrari I do hope we see him back in some other form of motorsport this year.
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  4. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    Probably end up in one of the LMS championships like most of them do if he doesnt.
  5. Not sure there´s room in a competitive team but i think Ferrari could be a plausible option.

    but it all rests on what Ferrari wants to do with Felipe.
  6. Clearly Ferrari looking for a number 2 then - if this is true.
  7. Ferrari have always had the clear image of Alonso being number 1, no doubt in that and it is obvious their looking for a Number 2 ,they believe in Alonso and he's skills so much hence the long contract too, probably in their eyes no1 else can compete against him in the same team, team orders have been clear at Ferrari :)

    i do hope Sutil comes back, if Sergio perez gets the seat then sutil could possibly go to Sauber as they have got alot stronger over the past 2 years and are beating Force India, it's a no brainer.
  8. As Swiss, I always wonder how everyone wants to "sell" drivers to Sauber, like Sutil, Massa, Bianchi, etc.

    Otherwise, I don't think we'd really need to have young testers like Gutierrez or Leimer.

    ...just saying.

    Reminds me of the times Ferrari was throwing their unwanted stuff to Sauber(Like Larini and his successors Morbidelli and Fontana, which all failed in '97):p
  9. Maybe just part of the engine agreement, don't know o_O
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  10. Could you explain what a number 2 driver is?
  11. +1 , not sure what Dewald thinks a number 2 driver is :rolleyes:
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  12. Someone who would just settle for a drive in a top team coz it's better than the alternative.

    Surely you know what a number 2 driver is - have you been watching F1 in the last 20 years? Perhaps Rubens Barrichello or Eddie Irvine could answer the question better, after all they do have first hand experience as number 2 drivers ;)

    Was it Irvine himself who said in 1998 that he'd rather be a number 2 at Ferrari and fighting for podiums than being number 1 at the alternatives and fighting just for single points?
  13. Could you explain how Massa went from number 2 to number 1 driver in 2008?
    Remember that Kimi took the title the year before.
  14. I never said that Massa was number 2 at Ferrari when Kimi was there ;)
  15. Oh so they magically changed their view on nr1 and nr2 drivers then?

    Or was this something that came into effect after 2008?
  16. Or better yet, could you write down the years Ferrari had nr2 drivers?
    You seem to be the main source for this information.
  17. No need to be rude. Go take a cold shower, then come back :thumbsup: And no, you're not always correct in your views - even though you clearly think the rest of us are idiots.
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  18. nonono let´s not try and hide here Dewald.

    you said that Ferrari is looking for a nr2 driver. we asked you to inform us about what a Nr2 driver is. Which you did.

    And then i asked what years Ferrari had nr2 drivers. And now you are irritated?


    P.S. i don´t think you are an idiot. If i did i would not be talking to you. I just question your logics.
  19. It's because clearly you have a prize to win by winning the argument - I don't. I have other things to attend to, like a life :cool:
  20. yea....or it´s you who realized that you dug a hole so deep you can´t get out of it?

    Also, i have no life, is that was you are implying? I have no life because i respond to these messages, and you have a life because you, well respond to these messages?
    Although dodging the question but i´m sure that has nothing to do with how much a life a person has,.

    I´ll try again, you said Ferrari are looking for a nr2 driver. Could you perhaps tell me what other years Ferrari wanted a nr2 driver.

    You said they had no nr2 driver in 2008. I´m assuming you know the other years as well.