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adjusting the FFB on my DFP

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ian Craft, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, buyed this blasting game. And now I want to adjust my FFB.

    I used this:
    (Its a guide how to adjust the FFB on the DFGT.(I think the DFP and the GT are just very similiar.)

    Now its feels overall very good, but it is just very light. I want to feel it hard(well that sound a little bit gay ; ) )
    What have I to do to get the FFB stronger?

    Another question:
    In the userdate folder there are some controller.ini s what they do? (Like the http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/driving-force-gt-in-gsc.38481/)

    best regards
  2. I am not sure that you can have a stronger ffb than -100%.
  3. Its is at -100%.

    But the ffb is very weak. In GTR2 the FFB is much tougher.
    So where shall I config it?
  4. The Force Feedback is weak or the steering force?
  5. Ohhh no! That should never happen. (A language misunderstanding.)
    Iam not a native english speaker.

    With weak I meant the steering force is weak.(all effects are not very feelable, they are there, but very light.)
    Weak is in this case not meant to be shitty(or something like this) If you have understood this, Iam very sorry.
  6. Do you have the Logitech profiler software? I can turn my FFB effects up using this software, as well as the in-game -100, on my DFGT. Does the DFP use this software also? :)
  7. No i know. I mean not strong also.
    But try with Keith said. :)
  8. I think I had just some serious overheating problems. Now everything works perfect. Thank you.
  9. Don't try 150%. Stay at 100% I tried, the ffb is crazy at 150%
  10. Yeah, noticed that.
    But why does it go crazy? Adds the Logitech Software effects? Or is it an ISI problem?

  11. Perhaps the game has not been coded for this. It is a subtil combination of bumps and forces. Not sure that it works fine with 150%.