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Adding tracks to Ride2, a tutorial.

Discussion in 'RIDE 2' started by ReZ, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. ReZ


    Hello i will try to explain my method of importing tracks from other milestone games here.
    So far i managed to put tracks from VR46, MXGP2 and SLRE into Ride2 and now i wanna try to guide you through this process a good as possible.

    First you need the tools :
    this is to unpack and repack the *.mix files we need access to.

    this is to edit the *.bml files which are milestones format of *.xml in the gamedatabase.

    What you need do you need to edit and what files do you need from the other game:
    mixfiles.lst (not needed from other game, but you'll need to edit this file in Ride2)
    and of course the *.mix file with the track itself :)

    Set up your work space :
    Create folders where you wanna unpack all the files from both games seperate.
    I just named them "RIDE2" and "VR46" on a empty HDD.
    You'll have to write a lot of files while unpacking so better not take a SSD^^

    Now lets get to work :
    Start ReMixer1 use the "Extract Files" tab and unpack data.mix and gfxgem.mix from both games to the folders you created for them.
    Make sure have "Extract all files in mixfile" and "Uncompress packed files" ticked.

    After you're done ... it should look like here

    Please only extract one track, or you will have problems with repacking later.

    We will take Assen2002 as example for this time. This is single layout track, with 4 weather conditions.... multi layout tracks work a bit different.

    Now we will borrow something from the other games database:
    For our example open the DATA\TRACKS\ folder from both games you extracted the files from. In our case here , we take the folder ASSEN2002 from VR46 and copy it to the other one.
    You can take all the folders for every track you're planning to import here... no problem.


    So lets get into the bml files:
    the first one I always edit is found in >yourmodfolder<\RIDE2\GFXGEM\TRACKS\gfxgem_tracks.bml

    you also wanna open the folder we took from VR46 Data section earlier (>yourmodfolder<\RIDE2\DATA\TRACKS\ASSEN2002) and the folder containing your extracted track from VR46 (>yourmodfolder<\VR46\TRACKS\ASSEN2002).

    should look a little bit like this ....

    as you may notice i already made a copy/paste of Magny_cours_A ...this will be our template to edit.

    Now we need to change all the Magny_cours_A and Magny_cours entries ... into Assen2002.
    Always double check paths and filenames.
    in our example here the Parameter (PhysicsLayer) points to the wrong directory.
    the filepath (./) always points to the trackfile-path - while DATA\TRACKS\ always points to the trackfolder inside the database.


    This should be your result now - notice how i added 2 more "SceneFile"-entries ?
    That will control the weather conditions availible.
    In the gfxgem_tracks.bml from VR46, you can learn how to make each weather setting.
    Later i am going to explain the different files inside the track and database folder.
    But to make it short , what we did here is telling where to find the scenes, AI-line, camera-files, and physical layer you actually drive on.

    We also created the so called "GfxGem_TrackEntity_Key" found on top as "key", which will be important for the next file we edit :)

    But for now, we're done here and can close the folders ... but keep the gfxgem_tracks.bml open, you'll need the weather-condition/scenefile-combo later.

    Next ...
    we will edit the following files with bml-editor

    lets start with DB_GAMEENTITYTRACK.BML ... you will find this in you extracted DATA folder -> subfolder DB\GAMEENTITIES


    just grab any entry you like ... no matter which on, this will be our template...since we have 4 weather setting - you need to make 4 new entries...so hit that copy/pasta :)
    GfxGem_TrackEntity_Key -> leads to your entry in GFXGEM_TRACKS.BML
    Track_Key -> enter whatever you like there but keep a system.
    This names will have to match the next files we take care of ;)

    The next file edit will be DB_TRACKBINDINGS.BML . You will find it in DATA\DB\ from your extracted RIDE2 files.


    Not much to say ... again copy/paste to have a template and make sure "Equivalent Track" to match with the "TrackKey" from the file we edited before.

    So the biggest steps are done now :) ... now we need to make the UI recognise, there is a new Track/Location. Open DB_TRACKS.BML from your extracted files found in DATA\DB\


    Copy / Paste a track to have a template and give each weather setting a entry here.
    I marked to crucial parts.
    "Weathercondition_key" only controls the icon that will be shown in track selection
    "IdealSettings" might be interesting - this controls what predefined bike setup from the game will bei loaded for the track.

    So last BML file we need to edit is DB_TRACKGROUPS -> found in DATA\DB again


    not much to do here ... just match the TrackGroup_key with the DB_TRACKS.BML we edited before.

    So much for BML / MIXFILE editing ... time to repack our files now :)
    Make sure nothing else than "Compress files is ticked" and Mixfile format should be SBK-X/V8.

    You now should have a modified "data.mix" and "gfxgem.mix" to put into your Ride2 game folder. Don't forget to copy your track to Ride2 :D

    Last step before we get to fine tuning ... find Mixfiles.lst in your Ride2 folder an open it with any texteditor/notepad whatever.
    This file controls which mixfiles exist for the game.
    So in our case here, we must add "\Tracks\Assen2002.mix" to this list and save.

    You are done now... start your game :)

    That's it so far .... some tracks like Assen2002 also need some finetuning on the track afterwards to make Particleeffects work (spray in the rain/wet), other tracks like Jerez will have a Ghost-Safety-Car on the track - only workaround i found so far would bei editing the textures
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
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  2. ReZ


    Reserved for more info ...
  3. ReZ


    i hope this is okay , but i know this guide will eat a lot of space...
  4. This is great! A video is good but anyone who can read a detailed description can manage this to with pictures! Awsome work Rez!
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  5. ;) Good Job man !
  6. ReZ


    some tracks are still a mystery :( ... i just took some SLRE tracks, but one of them is giving me the same troubles as Losail from VR46 ... Pink Screen of Doom
  7. Pink Screen Of Doom ;-)

    Well have you tried importing the flattrack? would be awsome with a superbike :D
  8. ReZ


    i blame milestones messed up database/filesystem^^ ... for SLRE tracks for example , you need to do one thing different in DB_TRACKBINDINGS.BML ... at "EquivalentTrack" you must enter the scenefilename without the *.scn ending , instead of the TrackKey.
    Didn't try that approach on Losail yet, but at least it made Mexico and Alsace from SLRE work, while LA Rally Cross give me pink screen of doom whatever I try:redface:
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2016
  9. Hi Rez!
    Must be something that i missed in your description because no matter what i do, i cant get Motegi from VR46 to work :-( becomes Pink Screen Of Doom

    Please if possible, could you try it out yourself and see if you manage to make it work?
  10. ReZ


    hm, i guess we can add Sepang also to the "pink-screen" list ...tried all 3 variants of track-import i developed so far - no success :( i was really hoping after i got Sanremo working, this would also do the job on Losail, but it doesn't.
  11. Hey rez,thank you for the amazing tutorial!
    If you could update it so that we can add the tracks as DLC it would be amazing.
    Oh,and would it be possible to add a new track group instead of using the existing one?
    So the new track would appear separately?
    I want to try this with your mod but i don't have the DB_TRACKGROUPS.BML for the misano track.
    Thank you for your awesome mods. ;)
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  12. ReZ


    hi, unfortunally you cannot add your own trackgroups without modding data.mix ... tried about 40 times or more to make it work ... no chance ... same problem with gfxgem.mix.
    somehow the game does not want to use certain modded files outside of data.mix and gfxgem.mix, which is keeping me away from making my helmet add-on and is very demotivating.

    but, i have some good news :) i made ALL vr46 tracks work somehow... the trick was -> there are some "hidden" tracks you need to import into ride2 (editortest, testtrack, nocturnal)
    bad news ... i have no idea how to remove this ghost-safetycar in the startgrid and only 2 gp-tracks are without (assen2002, laguna seca)
  13. Thanks alot!
    So we can't add our own track group eh?
    Too bad. :(
    So how do you make the track from vr46 into a ride 2 DLC?
  14. Try to mess in these files, if they exists in Ride 2... :thumbsup:

  15. ReZ


    yeah, i already saw that file in VR46, it does not exist in Ride2
    next problem, there is no warmup lap in Ride2
    last problem, I am pretty sure the game will not access modded files in the gamemode folder - so this would mean editing data.mix again and no online play.
  16. Hey man, would this process be the same for bringing tracks in from motogp15? I don't have VR46 and want to get philip island and silverstone
  17. ReZ


    yes this could work in the same way ... at least i saw someone importing estoril from mgp15 into ride2...i don't have mgp15 so i cannot really try.