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Misc Add Istanbul and Valencia 1.1

Race in Istanbul park and Valencia street circuits

  1. ai driver submitted a new resource:

    Add Istanbul and Valencia - Race in Istanbul park and Valencia street circuits

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  2. Nice work!!!
    Thank you.
  3. Nice! Could you look at Imola and Estoril also from 2013? If you could add it, we would have all possible F1 tracks in-game!
  4. Not possible, these are dlc.
  5. hi, great work getting these two tracks to work !

    however you might remember me asking about Istanbul in the 5 tracks thread, about the wet track. this issue was in 2012 and now in 2014 (didnt try in 2013) I have taken some screen shots to help explain

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  6. You could try adding the tracks' database entries and copy over the Download folder from 2013 to 2014.
    Of course publishing the Download folder will not be allowed but if it works people can get the modified database and have to own the F1 2013 DLC and have to copy theirselves the Download folder.

    But I think the game will not recognize the DLC.
  7. well there are database sections which relate to dlc from 2013, i think the track bit has the same id.
    however like you said the game wont look for the dlc files, so wouldn't work

    unless maybe the code to check for dlc is in 2013 and could be copied into the 2014 files?
  8. Remember this is based on old track design and unlikely to be perfect.
  9. Game starts without checking so no chance :)
  10. Istanbul worked fine, until the safety car was deployed:

    that happends immediatly when the safety car was deployed... So dont know it that can be fixed out just have to race without safety car on istanbul/these tracks..
  11. yeah this is what i thought. ill try and edit the textures, see if it can be fixed.
  12. ai driver updated Add Istanbul and Valencia with a new update entry:

    Tracks improvement

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  13. Estoril and Imola: wonder whether can upload in RD ? Image2.jpg

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  14. hope you can :)
    maybe if you just give steps on how to do so. therefore if you didn't buy the dlc in 2013, you cant play?
  15. Yes, please help us... Tx!
  16. Thanks all for your messages. I am considering how to share without copyright infringement since it involved dlc.
  17. I don't understand, a lot of us bought the game, maybe you not need to share it, but why not giving us the steps how to do it, specially unpack the .nfs files.
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  18. I can see "Autodromo do Estoril" from my window...
    I would like to drive on my home grand prix... Any news?
  19. did you extract the nfs files? or just copy the nfs files across? - then edit a few magic files?
  20. I'm no modder, but I found a way to extract Imola and Estoril from nfs files, even their database files.
    All you need is the F1 2013 game and a software called quickbms.