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Apps Active Servers Assetto Corsa 0.9.1

See who are racing in Assetto Corsa from anywhere!

  1. marcelom56 submitted a new resource:

    Active Servers Assetto Corsa - See who are racing in Assetto Corsa from anywhere!

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  2. I know you said Android, but what about website's? This would a fantastic feature for team websites to show server status on their website, like my team site, as I have two servers?
  3. Terra21

    Premium Member

    @Fordman you can use this to see active servers via http://www.cargame.nl/forum/acservers.php
    As for the author of this app please advise people it's a paid app off google play store and it has ads. Also wally from xgn.au has this app there already which works very well so i will watch to see which excells and choose the best cheers tho for your effort! But atm you will need to step your game up ;)
  4. it would be nice that they have Joomla or Wordpress Extensions and plugins for league websites.