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Apps ACManager V2 version 2.3.2

ACManagerV2 is a management support utility and installation of MODS for Assetto Corsa.

  1. DORNER submitted a new resource:

    ACManager V2 - ACManagerV2 is a management support utility and installation of MODS for Assetto Corsa.

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  2. I see no instruction on how to link my current modded assetto folder to this program. I'm only looking to use this as a manager. NOT a car adding program. How do i make this prog see where all my already installed mods are?
  3. Rpower can you help. do i need to put acman folder or files in a certain place? or where is directory choice for current assetto mods located in the program?
  4. Great app, but it may have an issue with symbolic linking of files over network storage. Creating a hard copy would fix this. It seems this is the way your app used to work, so maybe allowing users the option to chose would be ideal.

    Another thing is do error messages get saved somewhere?
  5. Nice app, but it seems to have a problem with RAR files. I do have WinRar installed, but it issues the message "Version of the compression is not supported" when I try to import from a RAR file.
  6. Is there another to contact the modder or is this it?
  7. Hi friend...
    I just paid right now.,.. aiwating your code...
    ID da transação: 61326345YT831714Y

    Franklin Silva
  8. sorry seen just now.
    i'm goign to try with ne 2.2.3 and let you know. but contact directly the creator
  9. Dear Dorner.
    I'm going to pay tomorrow after testing it
    I ask this. Since i want to use your AC manager to have full control of my MODs imported into AC own objects, do You have fields in your database to save information on mods as:
    - to store the main forum or website for MOD
    - to save version of the MOD
    - to save general remarks of the MOD
    - to save data of downloading
    and i ask also a button to have the opportunity of downloading a XLS (or similar file) to have all the info of the MODS in a file. Useful to share and filter the collection.
    Sorry to ask this, could be that you have already managed it in your APP, but these are IMHO very good features to manage an AC collection
  10. Hello,
    there is already the ability to save notes about a MOD by clicking on the stars.
    For your other comments, I'll try to introduce them in a future update.
  11. you can put the mod in a folder of your choice
  12. Dear DORNER,
    really good update.

    All the people who are used to manage and look for MODS in the web know that the version-code is always a mess.
    thx u so much !!!
  13. thx
  14. Where is the first place to choose a folder ?
    Could not be read garbled .
  15. the folder can be placed wherever you want.
    you will only see the MODS installed ACManager.
    the next version will import the MODS that were not installed with ACManager