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Acceleration & Throttle issue

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Michal Moravec, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. From time to time (it's really random) I'm experiencing weird issue. It behaves like if the car is using just 80% of throttle, stops accelerating, sometimes actually slowing down on straight line.
    It happened to me several times during my online league - Bahrain, Spa, Canada, Abu Dhabi.
    Strange thing is, that the behavior changes on same track. Sometimes we do practise race and car is ok, second day is wrong. So it can't be setup issue..

    Basically same was discussed here: http://community.codemasters.com/t5...-Bug-with-G25-G27-Pedals-Findings/td-p/167100

    Except I'm using Logitech Momo, PC platform. No mods installed, just the ffb one - http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/realistic-ffb-v3-0.58040/
    Advanced wheel settings all se to 0 except stearing deadzone and breaking deadzone set to 1.

    Any idea, how to avoid this issue?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hi mate,

    Have you tried unplugging it all, leaving it for 30 secs and re-connecting? (Including unplugging from the wall) check the connections are all clean etc... I'll do a search for you in a second and try and find something to help you some more :

    is it just one game? Or all games?
  3. Weird thing is, that the loss of acceleration is changing also during the race.. like you driving on straight line on 7th gear, second lap you can hardly reach 6th.

    I play only F1 2012. Didn't happen in F1 2010 or 2011. The worst thing is, that its so random. The only pattern is common - it happens mainly in online race. When I do offline quick race, it's realy rare. But in online, it's too much often :(
  4. Try uninstalling the FFB mod, so we can eliminate that :)
    Test it and let me know

    Also, download rFactor - use the trial... It's an awesome game, and we can see if the issue occurs on there :)
  5. Can't drive without the ffb mod :( - simply reason is, that before using it I didn't find suitable settings for my wheel. But the mod comes with different settings, I may try other one..
  6. Like Dan Hawkins said, try another game - rFactor, old (=> cheaper) Forza, Dirt, whatever just to check if it's a hardware problem regarding your wheel.
  7. rFactor is a free trial, so would be best.

    Have you tried googling for settings for your wheel?
    I can give you a few links if so?
  8. Yes, I have tried many different settings before the ffb mod, but for sure, I can try to remove it a test the original force feedback xml with same advanced wheel settings.
    I could try rFactor or RaceRoom, but unfortunately I don't have much time, that's the biggest problem. I will try to test it during weekend.
    Hard to believe, I'm the only one on racedepartment with this issue. If yes, it's bloody bad luck :devilish:..
    Anyway thanks for the tips!
  9. anytime mate (y) let us know how it goes :)
  10. So, RaceRoom - no throttle problem, f1 2012 Austin - I was practising for 2 hours today, no signs of the issue. Is it solved? I don't think so..
    By the way - is the game physics different when playing online? What could explain that the car handling is different in quick race vs online race? Same car, tyre&fuel simulation on - online 2012 car performance.. also the issue with thottle and acceleration occures mostly in online race..
  11. Well at least we have pin pointed where the issue is coming from, the Mod :\

    Yes the game is completely different online too mate, sad to say... But that's CM for you :(
  12. Well at least we have pin pointed where the issue is coming from, the Mod :\

    Yes the game is completely different online too mate, sad to say... But that's CM for you :(
  13. I forgot to say, I'm still using the mod :)
  14. LOL!
    Must be a random bug of some sort? :S lol
  15. čau kámo, momo jsem měl a pedály se plní prachem, takže otevřít, vyčistit (hlavně potenciometry), a nezapomenout jak to správně složit (g25/27 mají lepší provedení, tam to tak nehrozí..)

    hey dude, I had a momo before, pedals are filled with dust (after time), so you have to open and clean them (especially potentiometers - look for inet guide), and remember how to properly assemble it together (g25/27 have better pedals, there's no need to clean them at least that much ..)
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  16. Thanks for the tip. I reassembled the pedals, had some hard time to put everything back, but at least all is working again :)
    I will keep you posted if it's better.
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  17. One online race so far, no signs of the issue.. if it was really dust, than it would happy end :)
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  18. Another trouble free race :)
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  19. Awesome to hear it sounds like your problem is solved!
  20. I owe an appology to Codemasters :). Seems it was really dust, all online races so far were ok ( I only hope I don't celebrate to soon :) ).
    Thank you all !!
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