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AC various electronic systems simulation

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Radek Zukowski, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. I'm curious if AC will simulate car's electronic systems properly. As we know, modern road cars now have electronically controlled differentials, wings, traction control systems, brakes, torque vectoring and so on. Often these systems are integrated and speaking to each other.
    I'm interested if these systems will be simulated properly, by that I mean If algorithms of these systems will be replicated in AC or will they be simplified? In order to achieve that kind of simulation, car manufacturers would have to share these algorithms with Kunos and that may be quite big obstacle.
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  2. I think some will be simplified and some will be realistically simulated, for example we know the wings on the Huayra are simulated very well.

    But i don't think every electronic system will connect to each other.
  3. I'd be really impressed if a complicated system like the MC4-12C's TC is implemented. That'll be awesome.
  4. Yes they simulate all things afaik.
  5. This is a pretty good question... especially with street cars like the 458 Italia. Will we be able to use all the driving modes which in real life are chosen on the steering wheel with the "Manettino" like sport, race, CT-off, CST-off... Will we be able to use the cars launch control? It wouldn't be a deal breaker if not but it would be really epic if stuff like that would be possible.

    My guess is, there is no way any manufacturer will give them more details than there are in the press on how this stuff works. All they could do is look at what these modes intend to achive and replicate them on their own.

    sure but to which point, stuff like active Aero, suspension, diff will be done but what about the settings for the 458 as described above. Same for the MP4-12C... These cars have so much electronic stuff you can change as you drive, it is insane... I mean in the end those are all driving assists which could be used to simulate all that :D but if this is done, I think it will be simplified and kinda the same for all these cars...

    PS.: We don't have that problem with a proper car like the F-40 :inlove:
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  6. Well I have no idea how detailed it will be but it would be really cool to change settings in the car.
  7. Should simulate the carb and each piston/oiling system of the engine so that you can realistically flood the engine or have starvation under hard cornering in a certain direction with certain carbs, etc.
    Timing issues, spun bearings, all that.
    :D :D :D
  8. Guys, it is Kunos. They are prolly going to reverse engineer every ECU in every car and recreate the network inside each vehicle
  9. I wish race sim dev's would start taking some ideas from flight sim devs. For instance the DCS crew are known for fanatical systems simulation in all their planes. Almost every single system in the planes are simulated to the n'th degree. It would be amazing if race sims started doing this with cars, and having it carry over to damage modeling. I don't know how everyone else feels but I would much rather have a few cars simulated completely than have 30 cars that just have the physics and tire models simulated, and the numbers fudged.
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  10. They won't simulate them as per real life.

    I'd be surprised if they even take a look at the control tables for things inside ECU's...

    But then how important is absolute realism any way? If you know the end effect and general intention then you can tune your 'version' to give the same kinda end result.

    I'd be surprised if the ABS is even based on the wheel speed sensors and using pulsing logic appropriate for different cars.

    If otherwise then I'm impressed... but I'd like to see even hints of evidence to support that.

  11. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    ABS, TC and various other systems, are simulated on a derivative slipratio (if possible) and frequency pulses. Each car has its own frequency of course, based either on either actual data or actual testing of the car by me or professional drivers.

    This translates to different handling of the car when ABS or similar systems are activated and obviously different FF feel, directly feed by "what's happening on the tyres™" physics :p

    For modders and their future projects, try to find the actual hydraulic actuators frequencies and not the actual ECU frequencies, as the latest can and often are different and faster than the actuators.
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  12. That is so awesome... So, when can I throw my money at you and we get to buy this game!
  13. ABS is an interesting system.

    Older cars with two channel and then newer versions with multi-channel. Or per-axle actuation with per-wheel sensing... oodles of combinations.

    Then you have the pulsing slowing at low vehicle speeds to aid in snow blocking or other loose surface braking performance.

    Then you have the issues of ABS being based around wheel deceleration rate, so higher braking performance through driving/braking up-hill or slick tyres vs road tyres can all mean the system might work less effectively than it *could*

    It's nice at least to know that different frequencies have been implemented.

    Everything else sounds reasonable enough. Going too far with the wheel speeds and all that jazz just confuses matters for no real benefit for the end users experience.

    My main observation for now is that modern cars systems are more robust but they also seem to want to reign in the fun more out of the box too... pants!

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