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AC + Oculus Rift questions.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rufus Baggsby, May 10, 2015.

  1. Could anyone tell me how they manage with an Oculus Rift and AC in terms of using the keyboard and mouse in between driving? I suppose you just have to take the thing off so you can see the keyboard and mouse in order to use them? My point is: the Oculus Rift cannot completely replace the need for a flat panel monitor/TV... unless you can use a virtual keyboard and mouse :).
    Do the processing and graphics requirements of the Oculus Rift require even more power than running a normal AC setup?
    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    on yiu tube theres a guy who use it with AC round spa, comment on his vid and he does answer, hell tell you exactly, hes italian, and drives a ferrari( surprising !!)
  3. I only play it with the Rift and can tell you that in no way can it replace the monitor fully.
    Any game set ups have to be done on the monitor and between playing you have to remove the Rift.
    It gets even worse than that, because in game you cant even make any vehicle adjustments, so what you start off with is what you race with (if you run out of petrol then its game over because you cant refuel either).
    As for the processing, the rift is creating 2x images (albeit 1920x1080), so will obviously require enough power to create these 2 images, so you may need to knock your settings down too.

    Having said all that, its still an unbelievable experience and the first time you put it on when using an open top car (like the Lotus), you feel as though you are actually sat in it. You can look over the door at the side of your car and the road and almost feel the wind in your hair when racing. If you lose control and head towards a barrier/wall you actually brace yourself for impact. It is so realistic.
    I would rather play like that than go back to a 2D set up any day.
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  4. Thanks for the replies chaps. Very interesting indeed and hasn't made my decision any easier... maybe a Braille keyboard? :)
  5. Brendan Little

    Brendan Little

    Guess the idea of sim racing is to get fully immersed in the game and make it as real as possible. Therefore I think the idea of the Rift while racing and then having to take it off when making adjustments and on the menus is fine. End of the day you don't get them in RL racing and unless you want to hire a mechanic and technical director to deal with these issue and make it as real as possible then its a small price to pay I would think. I will not hesitate to buy a Rift when it comes out to public release and i hope it has a 4k screen to make it the ultimate for sims be it planes trains or auto mobiles. (I dont have one at present so its not a biased opinion).
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  6. I suppose using the mouse (or better a trackerball) with the Rift on is possible?

    Can you also use it during AC replays and does it work as if you are a passenger?
  7. You cannot change the setup from default and then race in the rift as far as I know. You must use the default settings if you want to use the Rift. Yes you can use it to view replays, though I wouldn't recommend it - it can be very disorienting.

    I usually take it off by resting it above my eyes on my head, select my car and track, click race, then put it on while it loads. There is no UI except a tiny lap time indicator which shows for a few seconds after each lap. In its current state, I would never even attempt to use it online. Kunos need to add at least a way to load custom setups - it would make it 100x better.
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  8. Thank you for that, it has made things much clearer. If the Rift catches on next year then I expect Kunos and others will be keen to develop a fully functioning interface for it.
  9. I always use it on line.
    Ok, it does restrict your gaming, but if you are half decent your will still over take a few cars, but will find it impossible to stay with the race leaders.
    Still doesn't spoil my enjoyment though.
  10. Lol speak for yourself. Unless it's a league race, I'm up there with the leaders when using the rift online.

    No difference to using monitor except setups, and most people online can't set a car up for ****, so default setup in rift doesn't make much difference (except league races etc. where setups are king lol)
  11. Me too, but never came better than third or possibly second when someone rage quits. But when on a decent server with decent players, its too difficult to stay with the leaders (or what would be the point of setting your car up if it wasn't going to make you faster?).
    Or perhaps I just need more practice ;)