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AC - Double sides for track objects

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by sti228, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Hi. I read some topics and find out that AC don't have double sided function. There is some plans to edit this in future ?

    Also i'm sorry but when developers edit clutch for keyboard/mouse... I'm waiting it almost 1 year :(
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Clutch for keyboard/mouse? :) How would you imagine that to be as you are using digital input?

    You are obviously a racing enthusiast as you have been sticking up with a keyboard for so long. Enhance your experience and consider going for a wheel :thumbsup:
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  3. No plans to add double sided objects to AC ever
  4. Thats bad. Every old game have this function. Like: LFS, rFactor etc. Why it's so hard to do ?

    It's weird when you can look object only one side.
  5. It's not necessarily hard to do, it's more that they don't want people to use this function, rather than the normal axis pedal clutch, just to get that unfair advantage. Although there are ways to still implement it without giving people an advantage, they decided till this point to not implement it.
  6. Are you serious ? Clutch is the most great thing in simulator games. AC is NFS or what ? We can't drive without clutch and even we can't shift gears normal ! As i said before every simulator game have this function. If they only focus on steering wheels why not delete keyboard/mouse compatibility ? This is not serious at all. Car start is very bad with keyboard.

    I really don't understand. No double sided for track objects, no normal environment. You just see object only one side and they decided that clutch function for keyboard drivers is extra ? I have no words to say.
  7. Which objects are one sided, asking because I can't remember having noticed that...?
  8. In iRacing you can assign any key/button as a clutch. I think this is what you are referring to, right? The problem however is that almost all pro-players now assign a button on the steering wheel as the clutch, in order to shift much faster and easier than with a clutch pedal. This is a lot faster on the straights, although very unrealistic.

    AC wanted to prevent this from happening and have therefore, I believe, chosen that only pedals can be assigned as clutch. Forcing players to use more realism.

    With respect to one sided objects, like the posters above I would like to know to which objects you refer? When racing at speed I don't notice it :). But one of the reasons AC is so popular, is that it runs pretty well on older hardware. Perhaps the one sided object is less demanding on the Graphics card?
  9. AC engine does not know double sides

    Yes, you understand my question right. I don't know iRacing but i play lot of other simulator games and most of them have clutch function for keyboard. Sorry but if steering wheel owners have 3 pedals and still use clutch for button they are not sim racers at all.

    Again sorry (nothing personal) but why sim racing players always stay in same place (and they like it) ? It's 2015 already and why not make a little more attention for track environment and pit stops ? Why everyone say we don't watch environment we only drive ? I don't understand this. Technology move forward and sim racing games always stay at same place. Looks like developers don't think about this. Will be bad if they make some more attention environment, weather condition and pit stops ? I don't think this will be a bad idea. I bought AC because i think, they will bring much more realism than netKar-Pro, but i I was wrong. In netKar-Pro i mostly like dust in helmet and car cockpit. I never see anything similar in other sim games. This was great but they don't use the same in AC (have no idea why).