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A8_2 car pack problems

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by toweleeie, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. hello folks, can anybody help with this problem......................

    it effects all 4wd cars in the A8_2 car pack exept the 95 Subaru. now the problem is if i touch the brakes the car tries to spin around, iv always had this problem since RSRBR2009, the only drivable car for me is the Subaru, the Celica, Delta and now both escort an sierra just spin around. iv tried adjusting the rear brake down on their pressure, but the damn thing nearly bites you on the ass around every corner. if i brake with a little open throttle then its more stable, but i dont see why the Subaru is fine and yet the other four 4wd cars are not.

    please help its driving me mad, these are my favorite rally cars an yet i can only drive the sooooooob in anger hahahaha


  2. If it varies from car to car, then I'd guess that the setup doesn't suit your driving style or Controller setup.

    Here is what I do in such cases:

    Firstly, lower my brake pedal sensitivity under Options\Controllers\Filter settings - Increase the curvature to make it more progressive and less sensitive initially.
    Change the brake pressures in the car tuning to lower the pressures overall, and to move it forward by quite a lot.
    I also try to use a dab of throttle under heavy braking on gravel or snow.

    All of this will result in the need to brake earlier and to minimise lockups, so you may have to start braking earlier, but it is far better than lockups. Heavy and late braking on gravel or snow is deadly in RBR.

    I also find some cars are more friendly in default setup than others, so how much I adjust Brake setup varies a lot.
  3. i get what your saying bro but i can drive every single other car on the game, all of them, with no problems, even the 95 impreza is fine, but the celica, both cozzies and the delta are almost undriveable. but heres the strange thing, if i load in the rs centre, then manually overright the celica car file, with 1 i got from BHms, then load the game, the car is fine, untill i reload the rs centre, then it goes to pot. when i go to car setup, alot of the 'diff' rates overlap the writing telling you what your trying to adjust.............. which you cant do, because it wont let me adjust anything on the diff. its a mad 1, i did think it was down to driving style for over a year, then i downloaded the sierra RS 4x4 an the car worked fine 1st go, reloaded the rs centre in the next, car was like most of the others in the a8_2 pack, swaping ends at will, i was just along for the crash................ hahahahaa
  4. RSRBR uses it's own physics and overwrites the car files when loading. This, I think, is aimed at eliminating on-line cheating.

    So RSRBR physics may be different to the one you downloaded from BHMS.

    We ran the Celica recently in our Rally Club without too many complaints.
    I made a set of setup's for it though, to help make it more stable, maybe you might like to try them out and see if it helps. One of the things I tried to improve was the braking instability.

  5. yeah mate, i used those setups lastnight, nice 1 ;) but it was still like a snake hahahaha. im going to have another dabble with it now
    iv just bought a gt4 road car tonight! so i wana be driving it in my RSRBR................ an kickin the subarus ass hahahahaa


  6. right, adjusted the brakes to 6000kpa and 3000kpa, car is still swapping ends and is about 20 seconds slower than the 95impreza over 4.5k stage. im not rubbish at this game, but this car pack makes me look like a noob hahahaha, the lightest of taps on the brakes an they just swap ends, even with a massive front bias. something is wrong, big time, but it must be something to do with my pc because its always been the same since rsrbr2009, undrivable car pack. its like, you touch the brakes, and the rear diff, brakes, handbrake all lock on and the suspension goes mega hard all in the blink of an eye, resulting in a spin then rolls if your doing over 60mph. it should be called the noddy car pack on my pc hahahahaa
  7. hmmmm, ok, iv now adjusted all the car setups, and can actually get around a stage in 1 peace, im going to tweek from here. thanks for your help Warren,