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A Thread on ISI forums that would interest most of us (Track building)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by mianiak, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Well ...
    I quit making tracks (for public release) because too many didn't appreciate the time and effort it took to create stuff.

    let alone the efforts of others that took the time to create the tools to create the tracks.

    I still create ... but they are on my HDD only ...
  2. Tnx, very interesting !
    Will stay here if you don't mind.
    Overthere lot of talking about frustrations without going into depth.
    Overhere a lot of experienced guys, happy to share knowledge for noobs too, like me ;)
  3. something similar happens to me. Im tired of working
  4. Just stated somewhere else: because they don't understand...
    I think they don't appreciate because they don't know :)

    Don't give up, follow your fantasy and create the best ever !

    It's all in the mind, right ?
  5. *puts on psychiatrists hat*

    Don't give up just because some poo poo head called you a noob.
    If people put your work down, reply to them nicely and say something like "I'm not too sure I understand what you mean, can you show me an example of something you have done so I can see what you are referring to?"
    9 times out of 10 they will shut up and never bother you again.

    On the other hand, the nasty critics are your best friend. If you can impress them, you know you have done well. Take it as encouragement to do better. If people point out problems, fix what they point out and release an updated version, who knows, they might turn around and say "WOW!" That would give you a lot of satisfaction.

    But if you don't put it out there for the world to see, you will never know how good/bad your work is, you will never get any better.

    Take Andre's Sheep Valley for example, he released an unfinished track on rfc and scored track of the month! :cool:
  6. I wouldn't give up sharing, perhaps you are just a part of the wrong community. I agree with Mianiak in that your critics can help ensure your tracks are at the level you yourself probably want them to be at but there is a difference between constructive criticism and someone just wanting to have a dig because they either think their own poo don't stink or think they are a know it all.

    For me personally I do it for the hope of someone saying wow that's cool man good job. This is partly because I am a part of an online gaming community and don't really enjoy playing offline and if I can get others to appreciate my work then there might be some hope of others wanting to race on it.
  7. I don't think that's a good way of discussing things. Why should someone have made their own track before they are allowed to criticise? I think all that's necessary is to insist on constructive/useful criticism.
  8. I think if you searched around at Rfactor Central ... you will find quite a few tracks I have done ...

    Not bragging ... but when comparing any of my tracks to Sheep Valley ... You will find out just that very reason I quit releasing tracks!

    But then again ... maybe not ... like what would happen if you dropped a tire off the raised pavement at Blue River Canyon ... and have people complain that the water was too blue ... which here in California there are rivers that do look that blue! ... again ... just another minor reason to hate spending hundreds of hours pushing the boundries of BTB to hear stupid comments ...

    Look at my Crandonesque offroad track and the number of different road surfaces and road textures "I" created not copied or borrowed! and the number of different dust patterns ... and different traction sections of the track had ...

    I done 98% of that in BTB .... And Desert Meas was created with one of the very earliest versions of BTB ... before BTB had a terrain tool .... I have owned BTB since it was first released ...

    You guys got spoiled with the later versions ... I worked with it while it was a Dinosaur ... and it was still cool!

    All the complaining is why Piddy got tired and probably said screw it.

    Sometime the labor of love makes you pull out the shotgun and blow it away.

    Now I am a closet designer and just goof around. I have some cool trick I improved on ... but I will not publically release them (althoughI know a few that have seen some of them) ...

    Anyway - you all should thank Brendon everyday that you import a track that works! As he made it all possible to unleash our imaginations!
  9. I'm kinda confused where all this came from, I just wanted to share a thread that I thought might benefit us all and I think it still will, its helping me learn a few new tricks.
  10. don't worry about it ... nothing wrong with sharing and wanting to learn more ... but you are better off here for learning tricks about BTB ... the isi thread, while cool, won't do much for you but make you angry for a release that ... may or may not ever materialize ... almost like waiting for that next update on BTB ... you knew it was being worked on ... but then hardly a word went by ...

    RFactor 2? yeah ... I heard rumors ... for like 2 years ...

    Seen a couple of screen shots ... a video and maybe an interview with Jon ... almost six months ago ...

    I am not going to throw water on your enthusiam ... and I am not attempting to start a rant fest ... Maybe I should just return back to my cave as seems the forum is not ready for my return into this realm ...

    To all ... thanks for the memories ...

    I will continue to lurk around as my urge rejuvinates ...
  11. Code:
    I think if you searched around at Rfactor Central ... you will find quite a few tracks I have done
    Yes sir, just checked some of your works .

    Not bragging ... but when comparing any of my tracks to Sheep Valley ... You will find out just that very reason I quit releasing tracks!
    So because I created my 1th track, not perfect at all, you quit releasing tracks ?
    Not my fault, that it was the track of the month. I jumped into BTB, did play with it, had some idea's, fantasy, and build the sheepy thing, thats all.

    Plz don't use me as an argument to quit creating.

    This evening I took the time to check some of your tracks;
    Blue River Canyon: super comments :) like the straeming waters.
    CRANDONesque 1.00: super comments too
    Death Valley 1.10: and again great comments. Plains & Zeppelins ;)

    Lot of stars too at rfc :) You get only compliments for creating those tracks !
    You are so very good, so why so depressed?

    Anyway - you all should thank Brendon everyday that you import a track that works! As he made it all possible to unleash our imaginations
    I agree sir, Absolutely true.

    However I think we are a little offtopic here? And even more when I tell you that I'm very interested to create tracks without btb, doing "some" research right now ;)

    Heads up m8, you're very good, continue creating or put you're head into your closet issue, done in a minute ;)
  12. Seems we were typing at the same moment;)

    Dont fucjk off , stay here and plz share your knowledge. As I stated be4 you're very good ! Continue your creativity and create the 1th and best track ever for rF 2. Means another 1 year to go :D
  13. Andre_1th

    I think your track was well done ... but you seem to jump the gun ... I wasn't putting your track down ...(and I had mistaking your track for some other track - my bad and apologize) and you read the good comments ... you didn't read the private emails I got from some of those jokers ...

    I have a tendency to get on peoples nerves ... I don't take much crap ... and I call things the way I see them ...

    RFC is a love fest ... if they hate your work ... they vote down your stuff ... yeah ... I had good comments too ... but good comments doesn't put gas in my scooter ...

    I spent way too many hours creating stuff for others to use and not even say thanks ... only thing is ... I love doing my thing ... I got bummed out on the community as a whole ... but in here there are some really talented folks ... some are way better than me. I was a trail blazer ... I am to old to spend my time on this stuff now ... I just play around and do not take it as serious as I did before ... I just ride and keep my heart healthy ...

    No Problems ... your on the right path ... just study my and other people's scr's for the tracks you like ... you will learn plenty ...
    same goes for looking at the tracks in 3d simed .... you will see the diference in techniques in a well put together track versus a garbage track that was thrown together ...

    Look at how I did my track segments on Blue River Canyon ... then you will understand how to make a raised tarmac and have a drop off ....

    Or ... you can find on Death Valley track ... on how to deal with a different approach to curbing .... Desert mesa used road segments to creating terrain ... BTB didn't have a terrain tool then ...

    most everything I did was by trail and error ... and thinking outside the box ...

    no special trick ... just lots of experimenting ... and studying on what others done and improve upon the idea ...

    Thanks for the comments ...

    most all of my older tracks can be found on my website ... but I have not updated in a while ...

    I thought I had it listed here but ... it is DDAWGCREATIONS.COM if anyone is interested ...

    It may not be active much longer though ... I am going broke ... LOL
  14. "Jump the gun", we are not allowed to carry overhere any weapon at all ;)
    Fluck the private e-mails or shoot them.
    Apologize accepted.

    Thats the spirit m8, mostly the way we see those issues are correct, therefor a real creator has something special, like being different wich is often misunderstand as arrogant.

    Hmm basicly you did get a lot of thanks proberly you forget due of the negative comments?
    You've got a point here, imho it's all about not to take it serious, it's all for fun ;)

    Hehe, yes grandfather, I'm not too young also, thought immediatly on this:

    Tnx for ya suggestions, learning all the time, you see this is the right forum, to stay ontopic, to talk also on intentions, frustations, techniques and happyness ?

    OMG, don't tell me you're almost killed in some closet action? Carefull m8, those things are very dangerous, better **** in a hole :cool:
  15. R Soul, I agree in 100% I always use one material for objects which use the same texture (if the material has set the same parameters)
  16. Yeah, Crunch made a point here a little while back about fine tuning the materials that BTB spits out.
    You can use SimEd and locate materials that have the same texture and use the replace material function, then purge unused materials.
  17. Congrats DDawg on hijacking this thread. Any idea how many years they been working on GT5? Its going on well over 4 years to make that so far. GT5 first screen shots where in 2006. Wont put gas in your scooter? Who actually starts doing this stuff thinking, WOW I can make money at this. People dont put high rating on stuff when its not that good. When there is enough votes, the clowns who vote low will average out. If you dont get enough votes for that to happen, that should be telling you something also. We thank you for letting us know you stopped making tracks... again.

    "Not bragging ... but when comparing any of my tracks to Sheep Valley " Thats class, bashing someones work... wait isnt that what your complaining about people doing?
  18. Hey,, If you think you have problems, you should be in my shoes right now...
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