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A reasonably clean lap around Hungaroring - C. Hernández

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Hernandez, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Ok, it's not so clean and it's a little mistake in the vid/aud sync, but still, i think it's not a very bad lap after all.

    Hope you like it :), and let's see if I can set these laps to be the team's official, or something like that.
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  2. Nice lap, is it able to say what time this was? I really need to improve my braking in the first corner!
  3. Hmmm, I think it was a high 18. Have to check it out, but i guess that.

  4. Love those kerbs. They look so real. Everything on rf1 seems too bumpy, so you can't really use them.
  5. Well, actually there are a couple of kerbs in this circuit which i cannot use due to its camber, but yeah, this circuit is very well made. Quite beautiful.