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A passworded server for the registered member?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Grégory Cogotti, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I wonder if it's possible to create a private server for the registered members who wait for becoming trial, I think that can be a good initiative to meet the new recruits and to have a first approach of the servers without wreckers. I think a guy who want to be a racing club member wants to show that he's respectful and fair-play, this type of server can be a kind of test for him.
  2. It seems that every now and again some RD servers without password popes up for us non members to play in. Last night for instance, and I think it was some good races there. I don't rcognise so many names there but it must have been a fiew RD members racing there.
    Thanks for that admins.
  3. Yes but on non passworded servers you often see some wreckers, it's a shame!
  4. I know wot u mean about the wreckers Gregory!!!! Some of the open servers are really bad!!! BUT the RD ones i`ve been on seem alot better.
  5. I agree. I'm hoping to sign up to the club and I saw a RD server the other night without a password and really enjoyed the close competitive nature of the racing compared to some of the public servers were all people wanted to do was spin each other off.
  6. Unfortunately our RD public servers usually suffer the same problems of other public servers, it is a bit of a lottery if you want clean, friendly racing. For that reason, we wont be opening our servers up to the public very much any more.
    However, we are currently looking at setting up a server especially for our Pending Members, stay tuned.
  7. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    I think it's a great idea... especially as I'm one of the pending members :) While I do appreciate the need to keep RD clear of idiots who want to cause trouble, I think care needs to be taken that you don't take it too far. It really doesn't matter how many posts someone has made, or how long they have been registered on the forum, what matters is how people behave on the track.
    Please don't take this the wrong way. I agree with the minimum post limit, and even the minimum time registered-this will put off those trying to mess things up on a whim. More than that won't do any good though, until you get people on a race track, which is what the "Trial Membership" is supposed to do, surely?
    A server for pending members and a server for trial members just seems to be a possibly expensive method of weeding out the wreckers.
    Perhaps after people have been accepted as trial members, they should be asked to race at least once a week for 4 weeks. This would give a much better idea of whether they are sensible players, or just random internet idiots.
    I really don't mean to offend or annoy anyone here. As I said, I understand the need for some control, as it protects everyone's enjoyment. It just may be that in trying to protect everyone, you may be going further than you need to.
    Or I could be talking cobblers :thumb::pound:
  8. Thanks Tim, we appreciate the ideas.
    BTW, the planned event for Pending Members is not necessarily routine or taking up server capacity (or expense), it just happens that we have a large number of Pending Applicants on our books, with good credentials, so we decided to offer them something to tide them over and also help us if needed.

    In this case, we will just allocate a bit of free time on the server for you guys to have some fun with us. :thumb: Depending on numbers applying, we can do this fairly regularly.

  9. You have no idea how much this would be appreciated. Is the event posted somewhere, or still in the planning stage?

    Brett "Avox" Thornton.
  10. This one is an "invitation only" event for current "Pending Members", and invitations have already been sent (I think).

    It includes those who are already listed as "Pending" after completing the post count and submitting applications.
  11. Wow,

    I guess I miss read the post.

    Quite a few layers of exclusion here. I'm going to stick to offline play, and the occasional hellish public server. I'm too old for this kind of aggravation.

    Brett "Avox" Thornton
  12. Correct the invitations have been sent, the event will be posted up Monday morning for existing club members who want to join :)
  13. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    Is this going to slow the acceptance of those who can't make it?
  14. Absolutely not Tim!

    It's a chance for those waiting (& who can attend) to see what it's like on the inside, see how we work, whether it's for them and get know us on track as well as off it :)

    Once anyone meets the requirements they'll be promoted to trial whether they've attended a race or not.
  15. It is a really great idea and I am sad because I can't participate at the event.... I wish I can if you create an other.
    Thanks to Greg for the idea and to the staff of Racedepartment for their initiative.
  16. I have experienced that RD open servers seem to be a bit better than other open servers even though last night was a big difference for the better.
    I know it took quite a bit of work for the admins. to arrange this invitational for us pending members but it was highly appretiated from me and others that I can read in the forum. For me as I am still a pending member I would love to have another go some time if that is possible.
    Since I'm new at this I know I have to practise more, just looking at the times it was 10 seconds up to pole, still I think my times improved last night.

    Thanks again for taking your time doing this arrangement last night.