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A.I. Aggression

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Greg Latty, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Ok, so Im not a great sim racer by any means so lets get that out of the way from now lol. I started playing this game a lot lately and I've fallen in love with it all over again. I started a championship with the Marcas cars and I have the AI difficulty set to 105% and I left the aggression at 25%. I just completed my first 3 rounds and Im qualifying first and finishing first every race. Its pretty close but I always end up winning. Is the aggression too low by default or is that how its supposed to be. Im noticing they dont bump me or anything. And I know im not the greatest driver. Does this mean Im a little better than I thought or do I have it set too easy? Heres the round 2 race for reference.
  2. The recommended aggression is around what you have. The thing with the AI is that if you set the aggression to high, they will really bump you, and you will end up pissed off.

    However, Difficulty you still have some room there. The slider goes all the way up to 120%.

    Every car is different, and also every track is different. The AI with some of the faster cars seems stronger at the same level of difficulty than the Marcas, for instance (at least in my experience). Also, the type of track makes a difference as well (at the same level of difficulty, you will find that Marcas is easier on some tracks, and stronger on other).

    My suggestion would be for you to try some quick races in a few tracks with Marcas, at different difficuly levels. You should choose the one that makes the AI similar to you. What I generally do is to check my best laptime, and the AI's fastest laptime from all the AI drivers, and adjust accordingly for next time (if I was faster, I slide up a notch, and viceversa).

    Hope it helps!
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  3. Cool Ill check it out some more. But that brings me to another issue. In the championship, I set the difficulty to have the AI and I run around the same time and then when its time for qualifying and racing I end up being like 2-3 sec faster. Bug? They seem too fast in practice or too slow in Qualy/Race
  4. Gringo



    You can improve the overall AI lap times with the Autocalibrate AI Mode=0 function (set to =1 to enable)

    Have a look in your PLR file for this flag and some notes from ISI on its use. In a single class of vehicles (like F3 for example) this feature works great. Often you can get 1 or 2 seconds improvement in lap times... in other cases (for some reason) the track can not be learned. With mullti class racing its a bit more work as you need to "learn" the track for each car type.

    If you google "Autocalibrate AI Mode" you will find lots of comments and suggestions to make this work to your liking.
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  5. ok. Ill check it out. thanks
  6. Thanks @Gringo. Read few threads in ISI regarding AI autocalibrate, but it appears many are confused which work, and the thread ended 2014. Perhaps Alex has got a new tutorial for rF2 newer builds? :)