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A few small questions for racing on RD servers

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Ian Franssen, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just got my license to race on the RD servers:thumbsup: . After reading the rules and the events that are planned I have a few questions.:)

    1 In the league regulations RD names GPCOS, for the statistics for leaugues. The link that is in there is a dead link and I clould not find it anywhere else on the website. Does it still excist? Something else in place?

    2 Teamspeak, do you need to install some software or plugins? The only thing I found was the login, does this means you only have to login with your real name and the password given?
    EDIT: I am downloading teamspeak 3 now, so that question is answered i guess.
    Edit: just read a quote from Marco Bijl in the racing club suggestions that it's not nescesarry to use in club races.

    3 Do you need a microphone to reply if asked for an answer? or is just listening in and using the keyboard enough?
    i understand there is in general no talking or typing during races and quali etc, but I could imagin that the person hosting the event could be asking you a question that needs to be answered.
    Edit: just read a quote from Marco Bijl in the racing club suggestions that it's not nescesarry to use in club races.

    4 is there anything else I need to consider / install before joining a club race soon? I have read al the rules and regulations.

    Thanks in advance:)
  2. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    I don't think GPCOS is used, but someone else may want to clarify this.

    Seems you have everything you need to start racing, although I would recommend TS as it really adds to the fun, and you can chat during the race, it's only keyboard chat you can't use.

    See you on the track ;)
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  3. Thanks Craig for your answer:thumbsup: Don't have a great spec computer, so will try teamspeak but if it's to much of a strain on my computer during practices I will shut it down. Hopefully it won't, don't wanna be missing out on the fun:)

    Will buy a headset with mic soon if it works good.
  4. Hi Ian, looking forward to see you on track ;)

    I think that GPCOS is only used by admins to generate race statistics etc. You do not need to register anywhere.

    Just post in the thread when you want to race so that you'll be added ;)

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  5. Thanks Stefan, signed myself up for the Marussia event last night:)
    Will do others events too so will definetly see you at the race track, looking forward to it! On public servers I do ok, now see how I do at racedepartment if I can keep up with the others;)
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  6. hi ian,

    when i first started our racing here years ago, i was quite scared and was dreading it, last thing i wanted to do was ruin it for others :) , ofcourse by my silly mistake i did hit somebody twice, the point of this is, i was so apologetic and they we're so welcome and said mistakes happen and we will learn from them, aslong as everyone had fun and the racing was clean.

    our main goal for these events is for the community to have fun and enjoy themselves, it's a great oppotunity to get tips and play in a big field and work with the sim racing setups, you can only get better and progress :)

    Teamspeak is not a must, but it puts a whole new level of fun on top of the already fun racing you do!
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  7. That's good to hear Scott and thanks for reassuring me:thumbsup: it's great to hear that people leave room, and the idea of the clubevents, for other people to progress, and still be able to participate in the races:) Offcourse with clean racing, that's a must for having fun with each other
    It was already a big step for me to go on the public servers (never played any game ever before online, and indeed afraid to be a burden for others) but that was a very plesent experience, so sunday I'm sure will be even better. thanks!