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Misc 99 Flashbacks + All Team offers Career 1.1

99 flashbacks on all difficulties.

  1. Miles submitted a new resource:

    99 Flashbacks (version 1.0) - 99 flashbacks on all difficulties + All teams will offer you a drive by the end of the season.

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  2. its only 4 noobs!!!
  3. Yes, for all of the hopeless 2012 players ;)
  4. Doesn't work, I'm afraid... (Unless of course I'm doing something stupid...)
  5. I'm very good in it.I still won't download it as i don't need it.It's made for fun too not for just "hopeless players".
  6. What is the problem?
  7. can someone make 99 flashbacks only ?
  8. Not sure. I've got the game installed and up to date via Steam. The only other mods I've installed are a few custom helmets. Have inserted your patched < database.bin > in the correct location and restarted in Career mode. No matter what difficulty I select, I get no more than four flashbacks. The strange thing is that - if I query your file using Ryder's DB Editor, I can see that 99 flashbacks are set across all modes. Not sure if I need to delete my current profile and start a new game in order for it to work...?

  9. I think so, that sounds very strange. I know the mod works on my pc, so I suggest restarting the profile...

  10. Sure ;)
  11. There, done and uploaded ;)
  12. Done: restarted in Career mode and it's now working. Many thanks!
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  13. No prob ;)
  14. Guys, if you want flashbacks just open your database and go to "difficulty" section, there you find the flashback numbers per difficult. If you use a database you must use with the right schema file and the profile probally will crash!, i suggest made your own database with flashbacks (your profile will not crash)

    PS: Miles, what do you change to get offer of every team?
  15. I'll pm you ;)
  16. Pm Me too Please
    I was Looking How you did it as i tried it some while ago but didn't get it
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  17. hehe, ok!
  18. Would also like to get a PM as I would also like to add this to my database?! :)