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94' Volkswagen Gol GTi

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by AMGfan(BPM), Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Well, here i am again.

    Will talk a little about this car. Many persons in many countries never seen this car before, i guess. But it is a classic from german car factory here in Brazil. South america got this car, it started selling in 1980 aka Gol LS. Our roads and the maintenance habits of brazilian drivers required a stronger plataform than the german one.

    This year, the vw gol had 1.6 air-cooled engine, 4cylinders in line, 1.3L and 42hp. FWD, front engine, longitudinal positioned. But this engine was too bad for this car, nothing about power, and well, no excitement.
    In 1981, the engineerings found this fault point, and stroked the engine to 1.6L. It got 51hp and more torque than the old one. And in this same year, vw started to use 1.5L water-cooled from passat, longitudinal with 65hp, better engine of sure (only in sw and sedan). In 1983, the engine of SW (vw parati) and sedan (vw voyage) increased power to 80hp and 120Nm using ethanol. (E100) Gol keeped using air-cooled engine, 1.6L

    In 1984, VW started selling the Gol GT 1.8L, the first Gol with water-cooled engine, 100hp and really sporty looking, with Recaro seats, light weight rims, etc. (i consider the possibility to bring it to racer, i love this car =)
    Gol GT:

    In 1985, VW stopped to doing air-cooled in Gol, and adopted water-cooled 1.6L Longitudinal 4 cylinders in all gols, with 83hp, called here as AP engine (high performance).

    In 1987, VW redesigned this car. And the first car made in Brazil with electronic injection in 1989 (This is why it is called GTi here.)
    It was 2000i 8V AP, 4cyl, 120hp using 100% ethanol. Very stronger car! The non-injection gol were called GTS in this year, using 1.8 8v with 110hp.
    GTS: [​IMG]

    In 1991, vw did a little facelift, in headlights, rims and anothers little details to look more smooth. The engines still the same.

    i.e.: [​IMG]
    Red GTS 1992 and Blue GTi 1989

    GT - GTi - GTS (many models) 1st gen.

    Of sure, the GT's models were few, the most cars selling here in that time were the simple ones, with 1.8 8v AP and 90hp. The engine range was 1.0L, 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L.

    Here is a common vw gol second generation.


    after it, we had 2nd generation in 1995, 3rd gen in 1999 and 4th in 2005.. 5th started here in 2008.

    2nd GTI 16V [​IMG]

    3rd GTI 16V [​IMG]

    4th 1.8 8v (GTI stopped in 2000) [​IMG]

    5th 1.6 8v [​IMG]


    Well, ingame pic of 1st gen GTI face lifted.


    Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/poFtq1Lp/vw_gol_gti_94.html
  2. I liked it very much, good work :D
  3. 2o6


    In the US, we got the coupe and sedan version (and 2-door wagon) of the VW Gol sold in the US as the Volkswagen Fox.

  4. This is the Brazil VW Fox
  5. 2o6 are right! vw gol sedan, and coupe were exported to US and anothers countries in south america called Fox 'til 1995 if i am not wrong, like here. The sw wagon i dont know how was the name, here is vw parati. maybe fox wagon?

    So here is the vw fox 1992.

  6. Hey AMGfan, I remember talking to you about my old Fox, it was white, like the picture....but I have steel rims, and a beige interior-and a 4speed and the 1.8L engine you were talking about earlier. I didn't have the driving lights.....but I though she was a great car-thanks for releasing this one. I'll be taking this one for a spin on Polish Roads and The River tracks. :D
  7. lol, ok!
  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Great car, really fun to drive, love it :)
  9. Agreed.
    I have no point of reference since I've never driven this car in reality, but in-game it's got a very realistic lightweight front-engined 80s thing going on in the corners and it's great fun to sling around.
  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Precisely. I even had some fun with the handbrake on the back-roads of Polish Roads.. love it lol.
  11. kudos on the VW build

    Nice VW good balances and it runs really smooth, impressive build too.

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  12. nice work man.