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Misc 90's grooved tyre treads 1.0


  1. aagancia submitted a new resource:

    90's grooved treads - tyres

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  2. Smashing job,thank you,loved your fictional tyres in F1 2012;)
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  3. Can't understand how codemasters managed to make even those grooves so much wrong :D what would be this game without mods ?
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  4. Awesome work, so much better than what CM did.
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  5. thanks for the mod
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  6. great Mod ;) can we mod the 90 cars too ???
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  7. Thanks.

    Unfortunately no, we still can't edit the 90's cars. Still need someone to figure out an nfs extractor.
  8. Cool :thumbsup:
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  9. Thanks. But based on what vlasovas said in his thread, he's not into the idea. So it would not be correct for me to use any part of his work.

    I only changed a few textures in the 90s pssg. I can help you by giving some instructions on how to combine them. But as he also mentioned, some things might not line up accurately. Though the inaccuracy might be small enough to be acceptable for you.
  10. THANK YOU for the comparison shots. It's so annoying when people post corrections of visual elements like this but then don't include photos in which the difference is made clear! Looks great; I'll give it a go!
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