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87 Dodge Omni / 86 Shelby GLH-S

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Harey, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Feels like I haven't done a thing to the Omni in a while so well, now i have. all on the interior. first of all I added some polies into the panels onto the side, so they actually look as if the doors are in there now (now its just handle-less) then deleted the old floorpan, for a nice new one, that is slightly molded. and did the same for the pan in the trunk area. team that with a new, (not properly fit yet) floor texture. and its starting to look good, just need to do plenty of fixing now because the new floorpan, is lower than the old one was so more vertical room, that should of been there in the first place anyways. :cool: I did make up a quick video last night with the GLH-S, don't feel like uploading it anywhere though :tongue:
  2. Well in the time from when I posted that to now I've been hard at work, or maybe hardly at work, not sure lol. anyways decided to elminate the middle man on texturing, at least for these two wheels. so yeah i did learn texturing in Blender (its a miracle I tell ya!):cool:
  3. Nice Wheels!
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Great work, the interior doesn't look as if it has much left to do. Looks brill. :)
  5. Yes the wheels are quite nice I think as well.

    Thanks, it may look like not much is left, but there's plenty left. the GLH-S needs badging (and a lot of it) obviously the interior needs to be finished as well, and both cars need to be more sorted out in the car.ini and the shader(the GLH-S needs its variable rate suspension as well). But I am getting the distinct feeling this project as a whole will be done before August (Racer's 10 year Anniversary for those that didn't know). So my thought is as the point of being able to release this draws near (even I can feel I'm not that far off of a release). I might hold the GLH-S, until August. but not to fear, if it comes to that I will release a fast Omni, the GLH-T. (might anyways though).

    But anyways. I have done something today on this thing, which is mess around with the interior a little bit, and build up some of the detail parts for both the Omni and the GLH-S (though right now only the GLH-S has this stuff on it) which includes the antenna and the 3rd brakelight. I also took the GLH-S bodykit into Blender, and baked it (came out nice and crispy, yum lol)
    the square thing on the hood is the hood vent, finally got around to putting it onto the GLH-S (the Omni's didn't have this, but the GLH, GLH-T, and GLH-S had it)
  6. Well I'm up to no good again, like usual. lol finally got around to model some of the front seat to the Omni and GLH-S. just have the base of the seat right now, no back to it yet, not even textured, but there is supposed to be a mix of cloth and vinyl on it. just using reference pictures on it really, so the scaling might be a little bit off, which I will find out when I finish modeling it and put it with the interior for a fitment, before texturing. but thats all ahead of me. this is what I have now!
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Lol, nice ass shelf :)
  8. never saw this car in my life before. But looks nice! :cool:
  9. Thanks.

    and I don't know how to even respond to your post Scott lol

    Silver finally finished the two gauges necessary for proper 2d gauges, so I got those working, then worked on the Fuel situation, now it does run on gas! and it gets 33mpg, on the highway, at least the Omni does. haven't driven the GLH-S along to see what it does, was too busy working on its speedo to give it the unpegged feel. Now here's a picture just to give you an idea of new gauges, and the unpegged speedo lol
    it was in all seriousness going about 125 mph in that picture.
  10. i like silver gauges :D
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    You like Silver's gauges or silver gauges?

    And Harey, just be honest, you love it! I have to say your thingie is looking good though.
  12. silver's gauges LOL
  13. Harey - one thing that's been bugging me with this since you started it, is that it's too boxy. Yep, I know the Horizon (or Omni over there) was about as boxy as cars came (LOL), but the sides did have a certain amount of curve at each end of the car. If you look at a photo of an Omni, the central creaseline along the side which runs from front to back, does curve inwards around the areas of the front and rear lamps, the sides of the car aren't quite as flat as they are on your model.

    Right now, it looks a million times better than when you started it, but it's just too blocky to look like the real car in my humble opinion :)

    Really simple to give it some curve in blender, just chuck a lattice on and pull a couple of verts around and you're done :)
  14. 2o6


    I was going to say the same thing. There isn't enough tumblehome at the top of the car.
  15. I knew something looked off on the rear end of the thing, like it was too flat or something, I blame to stupid blueprints on that, as well as the rear window (and surronding area) not actually being correct. I'll attempt to fix it (either the way you said Tiberius or my own way, we'll see)

    Also I did put the badging on the GLH-T

    and Tiberius with the CG shading (as shown in the picture above) the wheels at the later TOD settings seem to get too dark, is there anyway to fix this? (If you know what I'm talking about, pretty sure my Tradesman van has the same problem really has annoyed me)
  16. Hmm, that's a weird one. It's definitely got Cg shaders on, right?

    Check the light levels in the shader, looks like it's not getting anywhere near enough ambient. Diffuse is the light which hits it from the sun (a bit like specular but not dependent on angle you're looking from), ambient is the overall amount of light which is there all the time (at night too), without that stuff will get really dark once the object isn't being lit by the sun :tongue:

    Try something like:

    ambient=0.4 0.4 0.4
    diffuse=1.0 1.0 1.0

    At the top of the shader above the layer0 bit, it should help. You might want a bit less diffuse if the rimz are picking up too much light, it really depends on your textures. A bit of specular on top is nice too (keep the shininess nice and low, it's a fairly matte paint finish remember), but the whole thing depends on how it looks to you and how bright you want them to look, you might not like getting retinal burns from bright shaders as much as I do, LOL :smile:

    About the car, it looks fine otherwise, like I said before it looks a million times better than when you started it. Like with the Capri, took ages doing that and then people started coming along and saying it was wrong at this place and this place.., a huge amount of work to put right (far more than you'd need to do). But it looked so much better afterwards, huge improvement even after just moving the first few polies around :tongue:
  17. I'll give that a try... later... lol and yes it does have CG shaders on, unless I'm crazy, or the tracks are stupid, or vice versa, or both lol (the hood vent on the GLH-S/GLH-T is bump mapped and it appeared to be working last I checked)

    Now after nearly 2 hours of bullying polies around, I think I have slightly improved the model, the rear end did get tucked in, quite a bit despite what the picture below might say, I also took that "parting line" and thinned it out a little bit, after quickly realizing it was way too thick. the tail lights, well they need improvement i think, I think its very odd that they seem to curve around, but at the same time, they aren't supposed to. (if you saw the tail lights on a Dodge Omni up close you'd know what I'm saying) Also replaced the rear window, and added the chrome trim around the tail light, though I got lazy and didn't get a picture of it lol.

    also don't mind the color, thats the red from the GLH-T, its quite bright when not in Racer it seems lol
  18. Ok finally got around to trying out the shader thing you suggested (just used the regular Omni this time, with the hopefully improved body), and yes those values did improve the wheels a lot. (yes the Omni has CG shaders as well, and the same basic wheel shader as the GLH-T). So heres the improved body from the rear angle in game with the chrome accented tail lights, finally I feel that rear end looks good lol
  19. DAT ASS

    I can see a littl bit of the good old red/blue stub image under the arch.
  20. you would be right on that account, there are some missing textures on the Omni (because I was too lazy to put them into the car folder). but I did that today, just gotta fix the shader really.