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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, May 2, 2011.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...

    TIME May, Thursday 5 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Sugo STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

  2. Great poster, car skin matches the background well!
    Good luck for racers on probably the most dangerous and hardest of tracks/races!
  3. Yeah, our livery is wonderful,but here you can't see tribute to 150th anniversary of Italy!
    I hope this race will not be as the last two one, I hope my teammate can finish without being involved in crashes or too furious drivers...
  4. nice and looking forward to it

    is it possible if you can reopen the stc server i was practicing yesaterday but i have looked today and there is no server i can join

    thx in advance

  5. any news on a server yet guys i really could do with getting some practice numbers in on the official server

  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Good luck everybody :thumb:
  7. massive result again for rpm, and congrats to robin, great win!
  8. Bah, so disapointed by the end result. I made a good qualifying for once and was 11th on the grid. I set the guy infront up really nicely to make an attack in turn one but Kappet got spun around before the line and everyone bunched up to not pass eachother. I was then under attack instead but held my position through turn 1. However, I go spun around in turn 2 and lost about 6 places or something like that. I then noticed another problem, I had the other drivers car volume a little too high so I had dificulties to hear my own car in the corners which was a problem in the first stint (as that was the only time in the race that I actually raced others). I was going for a one stopper but I started to lose a little too much time at lap 18 but stuck with it. I shouldn't have done that as I was losing about 5-8 secs a lap on lap 24 but then it was too late to change strategy as I was so far into the one stopper. Pitted on lap 28 I think and then I was in no mans land for the rest of the race. I made a second tyre stop ~15 laps from the end as I got a big gap both infront and behind, just to be on the safe side. I guess I got a lot of airtime though as I got lapped too many times for my own liking... :tongue:

    Grats Robin and the rest!
  9. oops, and we thought the start was clean ...
  10. Quali was a bit off, i knew right away that if its wet and raining, it can only get worse. Unfortuantly im not that sharp and it took a while until i actually went on track to drive a medicore lap.
    Start indeed i got bumped very hard by a light blue car behind me. he was already very dangerous in warmup as he braked hard and wobbled around to 'warm his tyres' knew it would be bad. green light came very early, the car infront of me didnt go very well but i respected the rule of no overtaking until S/F line, but the guy behind me just drove into me, passed both of us. But doesnt matter as he dropped off a small time after. Besides that was a normal race, made a few mistakes later that cost me the 4th place or 5th place battle, but good points allround for our team.

    Although expected more rain from the all-out rain forecast. But good racing still, was a tough one
  11. Hnn,
    Was a fun night really, car felt lovely, if i hadn't of gravel trapped it in qualy and then started last, i could of won the race, as i had the pace of the leaders.
    Oh well.

    Thanks to the Engineers(Not Mikko though :)) and Flatout.

    I also learnt a couple of things last night.

    Someone enjoys being poked
    Someone can sing and play the Guitar
    Someone should be the commentator when they are pissed
    someone want's to chop somebody's balls off
    and finally
    Someone wants to sleep with the cows
  12. Add me in the list of the last wo sentences... last one specially when there are only 2 options... XD
  13. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Really good race to watch, RpM and Gubbklubben were going at it. Very surprissed that FlatOut were no where to be found this round. It would seem they are struggling when Mikko isn't in the car. Also, I am very, very impressed with Robin. He's a classy driver, and was just better than everyone yesterday, including the RpM guys. It's always nice to see a new winner on the top step.

    Oh, and special cheer for Torrent!! Finally we got 2 cars across the finish line! Awesome job by Ethan and Reggie to keep cool after we made a bad call in going with the wet tires. Big cheer went out over the radio at the end for our finish! :)
  14. And that someone is you ? :)
  15. Qualification: terrible in the rain, but very happy with my time do not understand how Rami could go so fast congratulations to the pole. and very well run by my team mate Bosse who managed to start sixth

    race: very nervous because we knew it would start raining, what brand it would take and what tactics they would go for but we did very well because of our Brilant teamwork. Many thanks for al the trianing all in. the team has done and helpt Bosse get up the speed.
    very clean start from all in the front That I saw. managed to get past Rami because of a miss he did. And After That it was just drive the fastest I can and manage to keep them behind me such long who possible and then when it huh holding time for the first time when I had Rami right behind me But Get Some seconds after the first laps after the pit and Then Peter and Rami Change place. and to next pit Peter just pass me not the loaded bends such sametime in to the pit and i was the best out of That and Than was keep the distance to the goal it was hard and he was next to me-when it was only 1 When We left lap lap Some guys something happand and i got 2 second Ahed and save the 1 place

    thanks all for the race very funny
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Great victory Robin, that was a class drive yesterday. Were you really short on fuel like Evonglan aka the Friendly Voice said?
  17. ooooh, I get capitalized, always a good sign, thinking about trademarking it :)
  18. Mabye, Mabye not ;)

    true answer i had fuel for 1-2 lap more so that was no problem i was just having big problem att the end whit the tiers
  19. Thanks Robin but I dont undertand how you and Peter was so fast on race :) I don't know what happend but after pit 2 I start to lose too muche time to 1 and 2 place but good team result for RPM.Grats Robin that was A awesome drive what tires did you use Robin?Grats to Peter too really ****ing awesome drive after pit 2 you just lost to horizon :D
    thanks to all riders and STC crew awesome night again now I will look the brodcast and curse myself :D
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