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Database 5 Laps in Career Mode 1.0

Short races in career

  1. mungopark submitted a new resource:

    5 laps in career mode - Short races in career

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  2. You are my hero !
  3. Tire scale still work in this case ??
  4. tire wear is also modified for 5 laps.
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  5. Nice. But then I think no one care about it, also sound abit funny too to do one pit stop for a race which only 5 laps :D
  6. You might be right.;)

    I just use this file to shorten races which I do not like too much.
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  7. I think 5 laps race will be some pure speed race without too much concern about when to pit but of cause you can modified tire scale abit so people have to manage their tire to ensure they can finish the race with the same tire without losing too much speed.
  8. Feel free to modify the file yourself for your purposes;).
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  9. chianamik

    Premium Member

    amazing job!!!! but.........attention. does not work the flashbacks!!!!!!!...solve the problem please!!!!! :-(((
  10. i want to mod my own database file, but couldnt find the line to change, can you tell me please....
  11. chianamik

    Premium Member

    another problem!!!!....when you start the race you get disqualified 'cause you have not used the 2 tire compounds.....solving problem please!!!!
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  12. you have to choose 100% race length. then you can do 5 laps, but 1 stop is mandatory.
    i do not have any troubles with flashbacks, might be an os problem. i use win7 64 bit professional.
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  13. track_model
  14. This is a really useful mod, thanks!
  15. I don't like 25% race but 5% yes. THANKS
  16. great mod, but if i complete the qualifying session on the soft tires and start the race with the same, just turn off the lights at the start I get disqualified for not using 2 compounds in the match. sorry for my bad English but I'm using google translator
  17. ok, as i wrote twice above;):
    you have to choose a 100% race in your menu, then you will go for 5 laps in both, career and grand prix mode. and yes, you have to do a pit stop.
    backup your original file first!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2013
  18. Thank you very much, solved the "problem". Great work
  19. well but the 100% isnt 100% and looks like that i have to begin all over again since i was thinking 5 laps for the first season and i do always 100% for other seasons with better teams so ...yes tx for mentioning that on the description because i was just raped in the ass!!!! just to think that i need to do young test driver again and go back to lotus or force india makes me sick!!!! well i hope if someone likes to skip faster the first season to do full races in better teams---dont use this because as i said i was raped in the ass