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44 Helmets Pack 2013

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by ALKMNDZA, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. 44 Helmets Pack 2013

    Hi to all! I made a terrible mistake in my first helmet pack, I completely forgot about the permissions! So, here its! A full permission helmets pack,
    contains 44 helmets with all "in game previews" to a better selection.

    The previews "in game" looks like this:





    Many thanks for all the creators for give me permission to use their helmets:


    Rian Speed

    Tino Ahola



    Gerald Chinoy



    Thanks to ML2166 for his amazing 3D model for the helmets

    Finally thanks to racedepartment.com for this great web site and allow to share everything for F1 2012 PC

    Here a list for all the helmets are include in my mod, with respective credits:

    HELMET 1 - White Helmet by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 2 - Monster Energy Helmet Fantasy by yoshikanji

    HELMET 3 - Mclaren Helmet Fantasy Black by Tino Ahola

    HELMET 4 - Williams Helmet Fantasy Black by Magicaltrevor

    HELMET 5 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Red 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 6 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Yellow 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 7 - Red Bull Helmet Fantasy Platinum & Blue by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 8 - Williams Helmet Fantasy Blue & Gold by FRANKE

    HELMET 9 - Williams Helmet Fantasy Red by yoshikanji

    HELMET 10 - Monster Energy Helmet Green by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 11 - Monster Energy Helmet Black by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 12 - Ayrton Senna Williams Helmet BY RAHAN_RLC

    HELMET 13 - Miller Lite Helmet Yellow & Blue by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 14 - Miller Lite Helmet Black by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 15 - Mclaren Helmet Fantasy Red from "Helmet Mod V5.0 by dödel (HELMET 36)"

    HELMET 16 - Red Bull Helmet Fantasy Black from "Helmet Mod V5.0 by dödel (HELMET 38)"

    HELMET 17 - Red Bull Helmet Fantasy Silver from "Helmet Mod V5.0 by dödel (HELMET 39)"

    HELMET 18 - Red Bull Helmet Fantasy White from "Helmet Mod V5.0 by dödel (HELMET 37)"

    HELMET 19 - Mclaren Helmet by CODEMASTER (Original Helmet)

    HELMET 20 - Caterham Helmet Fantasy Black by Magicaltrevor

    HELMET 21 - Mercedes Helmet Fantasy White by Rain Speed

    HELMET 22 - Mercedes Helmet Fantasy Platinum 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 23 - Ayrton Senna Mclaren Helmet from "Helmet Mod V5.0 by dödel (HELMET 29)"

    HELMET 24 - M&M Helmet Yellow by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 25 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Black 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 26 - Miller Lite Helmet Yellow & White by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 27 _ Codemaster Helmet by CODEMASTER (Original Helmet)

    HELMET 28 - Red Bull Helmet by CODEMASTER (Original Helmet)

    HELMET 29 - Mercedes Helmet Fantasy Grey by Magicaltrevor

    HELMET 30 - Ferrari Helmet White & Gold by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 31 - Black Helmet by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 32 - Mercedes Helmet Fantasy Gold 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 33 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Red by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 34 - Mercedes Helmet Fantasy Black by Gerald Chinoy

    HELMET 35 - Herbalife Helmet Fantasy White by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 36 - Mercedes Helmet Fantasy Black 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 37 - Monster Energy Helmet Silver by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 38 - Ferrari & Monster Energy Helmet Fantasy Platinum & Black by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 39 - Sauber Helmet Fantasy Red by Magicaltrevor

    HELMET 40 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Orange by Magicaltrevor

    HELMET 41 - Monster Energy Helmet White by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 42 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Platinum 2013 by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 43 - Mclaren Helmet Fantasy Black & Platinum by ALKMNDZA

    HELMET 44 - Ferrari Helmet Fantasy Red & White by ALKMNDZA

    I hope you like this mod! Enjoy It!

    Direct Download:

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  2. I was thinking of a 44 pack helmets yours again:roflmao:.
    Great Job Bro:thumbsup:.
  3. :roflmao:
  4. Thank you very much! Awesome pack
  5. :D
  6. Nicky Graho

    Nicky Graho
    @ Simberia @Simberia

  7. This is great.All favorite helmets in one pack:D
  8. Wow this is really awesome. Thanks for your work on this! Sportin' those Ferrari helmets next race. :thumbsup:
    And also to all the peeps who worked their rears off on the helmets.
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  9. I have replaced everything in the pack but nothing has changed ....:(:(:(

    someone can give me some advice?
  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I have not tried this mod, but if it is like many other helmet mods, then don't expect to see the new helmets displayed in your game menu. Just select the correct NUMBER helmet from the menu, and you will see it during racing etc.

    So for example if you want :-

    HELMET 26 - Miller Lite Helmet Yellow & White by ALKMNDZA

    In the game menu where you select helmets (Profile?), just select helmet 26, and ignore the fact that in that menu Helmet 26 is displayed with the default Helmet 26 skin. When in game the new skin should be displayed ........

    Some mods DO display the new helmet in the helmet menu some DON'T
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  11. COOL HELMETS :cool:
  12. I dont know what is your problem bro, i dont if its something with games in steam or no steam
  13. I have since replaced the helmets but the menu selection does not see it. I only see him during the game ... is that correct?
  14. Fantastic helmet pack!
    Thank you for sharing and all the authors for giving their credits...

    COOL! :thumbsup:
  15. Yes that is correct. It works just like Graham Laing said.
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  16. Is there a link to a picture containing all the helmets? Ive flipped through a few cool designs but its a pain to go select a new helmet and get out on track just to see what it looks like.

    But big thanks for the compilation and everyone's great designs!
  17. thanks so much for all of these helmets :)