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3ds file makes the Xpacker crash

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by -Jesse-, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. What should I do, because every time I try to import a 3ds-file, the xpacker crashes and after that I can not open the Xpack which I was using?

    I opened the 3ds in 3dSimEd, turned it into 4 smaller 3ds-files but still it keeps crashing.

    Error details attached (error.txt)

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  2. exploded it, will make it into one object.

    used primitive/add object.not import
  3. Sorry... what?!

    Here's also my system info if it's any help.

    Cheers, -Jesse-

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  4. just took a look at the text you put in, you seem to be missing the default icon, check your support/xpacker folder in btb directory. too see if there a default.icon and dummy texture in there

    sorry skip the other reply, i misreaded that.
  5. Thanks Ed. Yep, they are there:
    DefaultIcon.jpg and DummyTexture.dds

    Tried with new version, it didn't help either :th_sad:
  6. Can you post your 3ds file Jesse.
    Or send it to ennisfargis (at) gmail.com
    & I will have a look at it.
  7. This Xpacker is driving me nuts! :pissed-off:

    The attached file is not the same I tried earlier, but it just keeps crashing over and over again no matter what I do... I've tried everything I can think of, I used it without texture, I exported and imported it between different programs, I tried different formats, I cut it smaller etc. etc. After 6 hours fighting with it, I decided to give up.

    Something is wrong with (my) BTB, since the model works perfectly in 3DSmax, 3DSimEd and in Sketchup where it was originally created, but not in Xpacker... :beat-up:

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  8. Got it working with Biggles1212's tutorial :bang: Thanks! :hail:
  9. Glad to see you got it working Jesse.
    I had a look at your 3ds file & I believe it was crashing xpacker purely because of the complexity.
    Your object has 23379 vertices.
    I converted it to editable poly & used the weld tool with a very low threshold which basically merges verts that are close together (within the threshold).
    I easily got it down to 3981 with pretty much no loss in quality. (see pic)
    Which is still very high but a saving of 19398 vertices.
    Please try to be efficient with your 3d files.
    Not only will it break xpacker :) but also slow down your game dramatically.

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  10. Thanks Eric!

    I'm not using it in the track, it's just a "help object" to edit the terrain :)

    It can't be the size of it, because even if I deleted almost all the faces it still woudn't open. As the tutorial says, importing and exporting it through the SketchUp V6 got it working.