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360 only: "B" menu on the track? What is 3rd menu?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jack Acid, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. If you hit "B" on track, you get the tire temp menu.

    Hit "B" a second time and see damage and tire wear.

    Hit "B" a third time and you get a lot of info....what is all this? I was trying to determine what the fuel readout means, etc. Does the lap count mean I have that many laps of fuel based on fuel mix? What about the other info, such as "Pit Join" (I think that is what is says, could be wrong).

  2. Laps -/+ = amount of fuel left in the tanks at the end of the race. If it's a plus figure, you can afford to run a rich (faster) mixture, if it's OPTIMUM then run a standard mix (or lean it out if you want to build up a cushion for later use), if its a minus figure you need to lean the mixture out to make sure you have enough fuel to finish.

    The other information is your current mixture setting, your next scheduled stop and finally the position you are likely to emerge if you were to pit now.
  3. Sweet, thanks pal.
  4. Scott beat me to it, but I've got a picture, so I'm gonna post anyway!


    1) Fuel Remaining - An estimation of how much fuel you'll have at the end of the race (+3 = roughly 3 more laps of fuel than is required to finish the race. -2 = Roughly 2 laps of fuel less than is required to finish the race)
    2) Mixture Setting - Your current setting for mixture. (You won't be able to change this if fuel simulation is not on)
    3) Next Pit Stop - When you're next scheduled to pit in. Remember, even if you have no more scheduled pit stops, you can pit anyway for more tires, or front wing repairs - If you need to pit, use the menu to select your requested tires, and just drive into the pitlane - Front Wing repairs happen automatically and do not need to be requested.
    4) Pit Rejoin - Roughly the position you would rejoin the race in if you were to pit at that point (Obviously this will change based on your current position, as well as the margin between you and other drivers)
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    This has been a great addition in the game.. just got to work out how to find the time in the lap to view it without sending the car into the wall lol With DRS and KERS there seems so much more to do in the game now.. and it's brilliant :D
  6. Agreed. The game becomes far more tactical with all this information available. It means there is more to concentrate on during the race than simply driving the car as quickly as possible, but then again one thing that both Martin Brundle and David Coulthard touch on a lot during their commentaries is that compared to even a couple of years ago, there is far more "housekeeping" for the drivers to do in the cockpit. Think of this as the video game equivalent :cool:
  7. great addition to the game i think. didnt knoe any of this till now.