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Skins 2016_BES_BMW_Team_Italia_15 1.1

Agu BMW M6 GT3

  1. Nice Skin next Boutsen Ginion racing :)
  2. Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
  3. Hello K4rbonStig, did you saw Gt-Italien today? Alex Zanardi won the race with an aniverdary BMW M6. You know Alex Zanardi and his famous history and success? I cannot paint his actual car design, are you able? It would honors all! thx
  4. I have no time now, I'm sorry, but I can think to do it! Regards.
  5. Thx for your response. Try to get the spiderweb psd as background also the template I haven't; rest is possible for me to paint ....
  6. Nice skin! How can I get the templates? :(