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Misc 2016 Season Mod 1.16 Mexico 2016

2016 copmlete mod

  1. krsskos submitted a new resource:

    2016 Mod - my version of 2016 mod for 2014 game

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  2. krsskos updated 2016 Mod with a new update entry:

    fixed graphics, fixed many bugs

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  3. Hello

    It's strange there is a problem with your mod and steam.
    The game don't open.
    I have no problem with Kris'mod but just with yours.
    Last question, i think to know the answer, but is your database compatible with kris's database ?
  4. Well we are slowly integrating our database - but I haven't seen this problem previously
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  5. I think in this weekend - when comes 4.2.0 problem will be solved. Thanks for info I will look into filles asap
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  6. Great mod!!! but i found some problems.
    1) new ultrasoft is too fast. I mean the performance of ultrasoft is too high.
    2) Many trouble in brake. I have a mechanical failure 5times in 7races.
    Sorry my poor english...
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
  7. Super ults exist in game only in young drivers test and in scenarios
    Brake failure was often in 2015 season and I don't know whether amount of brake failures in 2016
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  8. You should add the black stripes on the sides of the ferrari passenger compartment
  9. My tyre compounds one harder than in real life. example: Australia real: Soft, Medium and in game: Medium Hard. Malaysia real: Medium, Hard and in game: Hard Ultrasoft. ???? Can you fix this problem? Sorry my poor English.
  10. I'd like know how long is the long carrer (2016 season). Are there 21 races?! I am not already use this mod, but I install it yet. Sorry for my engish! I'm italian :notworthy:
    Very good job :thumbsup:;)
  11. как изменить скорость ботов в поворотах особенно на первых кругах
  12. Thanks for the Mod, great! Could you explain which values you edited to get brake failures? I like this aspect in your mod :D
  13. I will update in in this weekend. Thanks for info :)

    it should be 21 races but in lcd display there is 19
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  14. Do you can make ferrari skin on ferrari chassis?
  15. Congratulations on your mod, go ahead, very well.-Lo install and have a problem reaching the career of Austria and into the pits to change tires, meeting several cars on pit road and my car gets stuck there and not I can continue the juego.-know may be due to this error or possible solution, from already very grateful
  16. I agree with you but i don't know how to remove bug :(
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  17. No because
    1. it is unrealistic livery now
    2. It cannot be done(mirrors)
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  18. Hi, i really like the Mod liveries, but everytime i try to go on to the new track my game freezes, do you know what i could do about it?

    And sorry for my bad spelling :D
  19. Could you send me specifics of your computer
    I need to know about them because maybe it is an effect of computer
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  20. I have :
    Windows 10
    geForce GTX 970
    Intel Core i5
    you need more xD / or do you mean other stuff