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2015 Formula One British Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bram, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Discussion topic for all your race comments of the Britsh F1 Grand Prix.
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  2. Williams need to get their strategy act together. Every single time Massa or Bottas gives them a chance to win, they throw it away by being slow to react.
  3. That's ridiculous, another poor job by williams strategy wise. They just can't make it right.
    I hate these races won in the pits.
  4. Best race of the year so far. Same result as always, but at least for 30 laps it looked like something else.
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  5. Williams had no chance of winning anyway, no pace in the wet.
    f1 needs some changes for sure - the tyres are the biggest problem. they can't follow a car closely because the tyres wear out far too quickly.
  6. Sure, but the problem was not the chance of winning but losing a place in the podium in my opinion. We can blame the tyres, but even if they had a Mercedes car they wouldn`t win. They look like my 6 years old nephew playing age of empires.
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  7. Yes, in hindsight, they could not win the race, but on the first stint they could not know for sure it would rain and still they handled it horribly. Not to talk about blowing up completely a very, very comfortable podium.

    Talking about another horrible thing, both TR drivers. Verstappen losing it like a total newbie with cold tyres and Sainz parking the car in the most dangerous spot he could possibly find. Big facepalm to both of them.
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  8. So what did Carlos had to do then, try to cross the track and find a place on the inside? with all risk to come to a standstill in the middle of the track. ? He lost all drive on the car in the final corner, I don't think he had much choice then to stay on the outside where all the JCB loaders where standing.

    And about Max oh well finally a proper driver mistake, many expected him to do worse so good for him he managed to keep it up until now (Monaco aside of that). Anyway when I look to what some more experienced drivers recently showed on track you might give out a few more face palm's to some other drivers to then;):D

    Enjoyable race thought, just Williams messed it up, its always better with these tire's to initiate the pit stops then to wait on the other. You have seen how Lewis took the lead by simply going first to pit. But of course that's easy talking from behind a laptop, there is a reason that we are not on the pit wall.:p
  9. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant

    A very deserved win for Hamilton and a very deserved non podium finish for Williams. Aside the tyre choice I think (yes I know hindsight is a beautiful thing) they should had to let Bottas pass Massa. Had had a lot more pace in the beginning of the first stint.

    Regarding STR: Verstappen messed up and Sainz did a good job until the car failed him. Maybe he could have parked it in a somewhat better spot
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  10. He stopped first in a much better place (still on the outside, I never said he should try to cross the track!) then started shaking his head and drove it further into the turn, to pretty much the perfect spot a car with some trouble would end up. So for me it was clear what he had to do, do not go deeper into the turn!
  11. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Alonso in the points! :confused:
  12. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    Or in the point ;)
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  13. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    That was a pretty wild moment :confused:
  14. Only due to Sauber totally bombing the strategy :(
  15. props to Williams' start though; they took off like top-fuel dragster :ninja:
  16. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    Carlos broke down exiting the Vale chicane and pulled off on the left. He then coasted around to a dangerous place. He should have stopped soon and been pushed back onto the grass on the left.
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  17. Best race of the season. Good action and a lot of unpredictability. I was rooting for Manor to get some points :D

    Hamilton was faster in the wet conditions but he is the luckiest guy in F1. I hate how Sky say it was 'Inspired' when it was just pure luck that it rained as soon as Hamilton left the pits. If it didn't rain or he didn't pit on that lap, Rosberg would have won the race. However I'll congratulate Lewis on the win. In the wet, Rosberg made too many errors
  18. Williams are still very far from having a winning mentallity again.
    Still a very exciting race, who would've thought that anyone would challenge the Mercs.
    Force India was a lovely surprise, hopefully their car will give them good results in
    the coming races.
    The Renault cars were as dissapointing as ever.
  19. How is Hamilton the luckiest guy in F1?
  20. I was thinking the same thing while watching the race.....
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