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2014 Templates and Painting instructions

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. General painting

    See guide provided by GhostSpeed Racing for how to easily add new cars/skins to rFactor2. For painting and formats in Photoshop or similar, see ISI's guide.

    File formats

    The following elements are included in the Formula ISI mod. There is only one carshape this year. If you want example of how the files look for the default teams, download extracted .mas from here:

    - Main livery (DDS, DXT5 ARGB, Generate mip maps, 2048x2048 max res)
    - Helmet (DDS, DXT5 ARGB, Generate mip maps, 1024x512 max res)
    - Extra: Driver gloves (DDS, DXT3 ARGB, Generate mip maps, 128x128 max res)
    - NEW! Menu icon (see example, DDS, ARGB format, NO mip maps, 512x512 res)



    Category abbreviation:

    WC for World Championship
    ACE for Ace
    PRO for Pro

    Car number and Team abbreviation will be given to you after registration. Top 10 ACE/PRO teams from previous season (and later on registered teams) can find their abbreviations here.

    Example of files to submit:

    WC_01_PMEXTRA0.dds (left glove)
    WC_01_PMEXTRA1.dds (right glove)
    WC_01_PMICON.dds (icon 1)
    WC_01_PMSMICON.dds (icon 2)

    Vehicle .veh file

    Check that the DefaultLivery line references your dds file, for example:

    Team line has to contain the Category abbreviation at the end except for the World Championship division! For example:

    WC: Team="Precision Motorsports"
    ACE: Team="Precision Motorsports Ace"
    PRO: Team="Precision Motorsports Pro"

    The Description field is for the menu list and should contain:
    Description=[Team name] #[number] (your full team name, not including category, and assigned number)

    The Classes line has to be the following:

    The Category has to be in the following format:
    Category="Formula SimRacing 2014,World Championship (or Ace, or Pro)"

    All cars must have PitGroup set as Group1!


    The main template can be downloaded from here. Some FSR logos etc for painting here.


    Submit to fsrmod2014@gmail.com


    - Wrong file resolution or format will result in exclusion of file(s)!
    - Please check how the carpaint looks in-game before submitting.
    - Do not submit icons at all unless you follow showroom style of this standard picture!

    The deadline for cars being included for the first race is the 5th April. Feel free to ask if any more questions.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2014
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  2. I guess we must wait for the registrations to know the cars numbers, right?
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Obviously. :)
  4. Which is the skin deadline?
  5. 5th april
  6. Just wondering will there also be a paint competition for the pace car or FSR car as we have had the last few years. ??
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  7. as long as it goes faster than 20mph lol
  8. Any regulation about TvCam color? Must be red and yellow or doesn't matter wich color do you use?

    And another one, is it possible to paint rims and gloves too? any template for it available?
  9. Free tvcam. Rims are standard for all cars so not possible afaik, gloves are possible but not sure about templates. You can pick one of the default colors from this package, contains 12 glove DDS files. The gloves are the files that contain EXTRA in the filename.
  10. is it correct onboard tv cam u don,t see helmet?
    A shame really liked it in the past
  11. What about these lines in VEH

    Description="Formula ISI 2012 #1"

    Are these from importance is this how they have to be set or can/should these be changed.? Im mainly after the description one.
  12. Good catch. I tested this in devmode now and seems this is different from rFactor. The description line is important, it tells what to display in the menu list. It should contain:

    Description=[Team name] #[number]

    The other lines won't matter at least with current UI nothing is displayed from those.

    I have updated the first page.
  13. what is drivers suit named?
  14. driver
  15. arent the gloves on the suit tho?
  16. No, as the first page says gloves are separate extra elements. This package shows exactly how the teams look in the default ISI mod, it should be followed. There is no driver suit as team element by default so I can't promise it will work or included in the full FSR mod. It works as a shared skin it seems but it's not really part of the filestructure.
  17. Driver, Helmet, Extra. Those are the names that work. :)

    Driver = suit
    Helmet = well guess...
    Extra = Gloves. I think rims may work, but I haven't tested it.
  18. were the hell is the .veh file to use??
  19. Model VEH files are in the same package I've now linked 3 times to in this thread. :)

    EDIT: Right, I suppose you mean how can you test VEH file for your virtual team.

    Short answer: you can't.

    Longer answer: if you want to edit the FISI 2012 mod teams (note: this will break mod from working online and any existing vmods, you have to re-install it for that), you can do that by unpacking (use mas2.exe for that, Documents\rFactor2\Support\Tools\MAS2.exe) the file


    Then add your own team's VEH and DDS files etc, and repack it. Now you should be able to view your team in menu and test icons etc.
  20. Reminder that the skin submission deadline is this Saturday 23:59 GMT.