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Skins 2014 McLaren without "MP4-29" logos 1.0


  1. shows how good codefudgers are, look at the hilton hhonors logo on rear wing endplate.
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  2. LOL Didn't notice that.. Codemasters really let us down on that one (the livery in general). Il ltry to ask Alex Werner if I can use his skin to make this mod, as this livery sucks as the Mclaren isnt even shiny
  3. being a mclaren fan, this livery really p*****s me off, I mean they might as well just not bothered with the martini williams BS and just had the pre season blue livery and called the game F1pre-2014.
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  4. Yep they could, What pissed me off the most is that they didnt bother to create specific steering wheels for every team that changed theirs to digital ones. Sc**bags
  5. What game settings is that, it looks so bad, the car looks like it is flying :p
  6. airutonpurosuto8912


    Shows how good Berniemasters are and it's impossible to shoot Bernie :roflmao: