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Steering Wheels 2014 "Closer" Steering Wheels All 11 Teams (HD) 3.0

To play with fictional 2014-season mods (E or ERS labels & buttons)

  1. Salut Gilles submitted a new resource: FINAL Version (3.0) includes ALL 11 teams. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY (INSTRUCTIONS.RTF or INSTRUCTIONS.TXT files PROVIDED in the download). 2014-"closer" Williams wheel not doable and could look buggy (latest NVIDIA-driver "issues"??). IT'S A COMPLEX mod: Don't use if you can't read English or don't know how Windows Explorer works.

    2014-"Closer" Steering Wheels All 11 Teams (HD ONLY) - FOR FICTIONAL 2014-Season mods

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. AWESOME, wonderful detail...well thought of
    Thank You
    :thumbsup: :)
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  3. quality as usual. thanks Gilles.:cool:
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  4. Thanks! It's just intended to give ourselves a little more fun to play with 2014-modded seasons setups, while waiting for the official release of the next F1-game product in the hopes we will get a very-well-or-even-better managed Standard & OLED displays for each related teams by then. Enjoy these small changes in the meantime. :)
  5. Thanks! And I must say I think 90% of the quality belongs to @chargingcar, for his original work on his 2013 HD wheels, and the remaining credit belongs to both @auroboros for his artwork and testing help (I would have missed a few KERS labels without him pointing them to me) and @lyolik 's artwork on his standard 7|11-segments fonts for LEDs and goodies (15x1 in this case, his 3x5 tach mask can also be imported and saved using the PSSG Editor though, if prefered: A link to Ryder's tool is given at the Overview tab).

    I just wanted to bring everything under some kind of "central" or easier-to-use location, while updating the labels and buttons closer to 2014. There's been big changes introduced between Interlagos 2013 and Melbourne 2014, as everybody knows. :)
  6. Mind blowing, mind blowing everywhere :p :D
    Nice job, Salut
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  7. Thanks! Salut ! :)

    And remember, guys:

    Teams with standard PCU-6D & 7|11-segment LEDs are:
    Catherham + Fc India + Lotus + Marussia + Red Bull + Williams

    Teams with the new PCU-8D & OLEDs are:
    Ferrari + McLaren + Mercedes + Sauber + Toro Rosso

    After you've copied a TEAM CAR with OLEDs, If you never change the simplefonts folder, all cars will display OLEDs in the color combination of that simplefonts folder
    The choice is up to you, but for closer-2-reality driving, you now know
    what 2 do​
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  8. What an amazing pleasure to drive now. the immersion is mind blowing mate, also thanks to chargingcar for the original HD work as well...you guys continue to give me a reason to smile every single day. Outstanding.:p:D
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  9. Wow! Thanks! :thumbsup:

    I am back at actually working on the teams with PCU-8Ds & OLEDs (Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Sauber, and Toro Rosso) as I'm trying to improve their graphics a little bit. :unsure:
    (in the works)
    f1_2013_2014_04_20_16_47_57_633.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_20_16_48_08_024.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_20_16_48_27_258.jpg f1_2013_2014_04_20_16_51_52_100.jpg (puncture!:p)
    Toro Rosso, in particular, could sport a big change, however, as I will try to use the Force India wheel to make it look more "closer" to 2014 and not just a fantasy 'snowman' grfx. ;)

    All coming up b4 the Spanish Grand Prix! Watch that thread, guys! :ninja:
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  10. Awesome as always man! the Williams steering wheel this year looks a lot like the Red Bull in the game, just a small suggestion.
  11. Edit: I just found one image of it, but it does not show the cockpit behind it. Just the wheel alone. Not very helpful.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2014
  12. Anyway, thanks for the message, since I intend - and started - to make one update for this package to be ready sometimes b4 the Spanish Grand Prix. Not much changes, just for some wheels, of which Williams may be included now.

  13. I have just tested the same method I used with the Toro Rosso wheel, which was to copy the Lotus interiors files to tr2 and just renaming them from lr2 to tr2, but for some reasons unknown to me, copying the rb2 files and renaming them to wi2 does not give Williams any dashboard meshes nor any texturing (?) to display gears, speeds, penalties et al.
    So, if I can't fix that problem, then there is no point of continuing to work on modding that wheel. Besides, if some members want to drive without a dashboard, only using the REVs OSD to get these important informations while driving, I just gave them the method on how to do it on their own installation (very easy to do). They then could use a free version of Paint.NET to paint the wheel closer to a Williams wheel than a Red Bull wheel.

    I will not do it here because I feel it's not worth the effort if there is no dashboard to display in the Williams, though. Better wait five months, more or less, for the official F1 2014 release.
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  14. Salut Gilles updated 2014 "Closer" Steering Wheels All 11 Teams (HD) with a new update entry:

    Fix for Missing RF button on the Bottom-Left Side of the Ferrari Wheel (Apologies)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
    Last edited: May 9, 2014
  15. airutonpurosuto8912


    Gonna try it.
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  16. Hi! I forgot to say that, I have placed the Black Gears & Red Speed Digits into the Ferrari Update's simplefonts folder, but if members don't like that color combination and would prefer the All White Digits (like in the screenshot), just copying the simplefonts folder from either the McLaren Update, or the Toro Rosso's Fictional Black Stallion, folder will change the Black & Red colors to All White (for all cars), until another simplefonts folder will be copied to the f12013 folder later on.

    I know it could be a bit confusing for members new to the game, but there is no other way around it for this 'experimental' mod, which was caused by all the technical changes that happened to some of the the wheels this season.
  17. Salut Gilles updated 2014 "Closer" Steering Wheels All 11 Teams (HD) with a new update entry:

    Ferrari Update (Small Fixes)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. lmm


    It's possible sterring wheel Williams for Mercedes? Thanks
  19. After trying it, here, it doesn't work for wi2 into me2. Sorry.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2014