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Misc 2013 Santander Spanish Grand Prix (Track Update) 3.0

2013 track update for Catalunya

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  1. Big thanks! So quick!
  2. Thank you,good stuff.:thumbsup:
  3. So fast/quick, THX

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  4. thanks so much
  5. chianamik


    good. always very accurate
  6. Very good job, looks great thanks
  7. you are soooo faaaast with these, thanks so much
  8. thanks :D
  9. Thanks :)
  10. The "Tower" is this year's black and has the Rolex logo, I just see on TV = Qualifying, you can change this also is not the tower or changed? ;)
  11. Your wish is my command :D Just re-download to update the Tower
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  12. Sorry guys, I got confused about the update process. All is good now, just re-download for the pit tower update.
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  13. Thanks for job!! :thumbsup:
  14. Thanks guys!
    I need to increase the size of the Rolex ad at the top of the tower, it's way bigger in real life. I'm also going to update the towers time and the position numbers to the way they finish today.

    So, if Alonso wins you will see the #3 at the top and so on.

    Expect another update about a hour after the real race finishes.
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  15. Thank you so much.. :D