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2013 MotoGP Season

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Hampus Andersson, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. All i can say is WOW....Rossi is back :)

    Tremendous performance from him if you watched the race. He´s just a pure fighter that guy.
    Marc also looks like a contender, he likes to scrap too i can see :)

    Edit: btw, if there´s a thread already made please point me in that direction. i searched but never found one.
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  2. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner
    Premium Member

    I don't think Lorenzo would have had such an easy time of Rossi didn't make that early mistake, its good to see the Doctor with that huge smile again, its been too long.
    Dani Pedrosa definitely had an eye opener from his team mate, Marquez was tipped to be quick and he didn't disappoint.
    Cal was pushing hard which is great too see, shame about young bradders would have been a boost to see the flag, but he is a fighter and i think will be strong by the end of the season.
    Overall it was a great race and more like what the premier class should be, riders who actuall want to win and will push hard to get there.

    P.S Did anyone miss Stoner's happy little face?
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  3. Great race. Hampus you beat me to starting this thread! Rossi is back indeed! I loved seeing actual racing, not this DRS, Kers and saving tyres mumbo-jumbo :)
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  4. :)

    I think had he not made that little mistake in the beginning he could have very well won the race.
    But Lorenzo could have been simply managing the gap so we can´t say for sure what his true pace was but it was just tremendous seeing Rossi fight his way through the field, twice!

    He just passes people in places nobody else does it, if there´s half a meter he´ll take it and still manage to stop the bike in time.

    Seems like a great dynamic between the two brands as well. One got the straight line speed, the other better in corners. Tracks will probably decide who´s on top in that particular weekend.
  5. Ohh I love this picture. Rossi with guess who.. quite incredible!

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  6. You could see that Marc´s best moment of the race was racing wheel to wheel with Rossi :)
  7. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner
    Premium Member

    awww bless could be a future champion real soon.
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  8. Fantastic race.
    Many times during Rossi's career, I have sat watching a race and said, 'not even Rossi can get through that gap', and he then got through the gap, or 'not even Rossi can come back from there', and he then fought back to win, and I was happy to be wrong every time.
    Yesterday, once again I said 'Not even Rossi can come back and match these front runners, he has to get old sometime', but I really wanted to be wrong again. And I am very very glad to see that I WAS wrong again. I never saw him so happy to come second, we are in for a great season.
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  9. Hopefully Rossi and Lorenzo can reproduce some of their amazing battles from the past.

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  10. Rossi interview, three parts. (can find the rest on YT)

  11. I am looking forward to the COTA GP this weekend! Marquez set the fastest time in the practice. I wonder what kind of odds the bookies are giving him to take a win on Sunday?

    Forza Rossi!
  12. I think Marquez will shine here. I´m predicting a win for him here.
  13. He'll definatly step on the podium for sure. A win? Maybe, he was very strong during the tests, the Honda is pretty fast in this kind of track, and according to Dennis Noyes, Márquez has an advantage over Pedrosa coming out of the corners (he's taller, he can stop the bike from doing a wheelie easier, while Pedrosa seems to get the anti-wheelie thing too often).

    We'll see. I'm not too hopeful that it will be a fun race, MotoGP rarely is (at the front at least). Moto2 and Moto3 should be pretty intense though.
  14. You are right. And the Honda is looking unbeatable all weekend. Marquez is on pole and Pedrosa second.

    Quali results.
  15. It looked like he was hotlapping with a different set of physics then everyone else ;)
  16. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    Its a track that suits the Honda that is for sure.. :)
  17. And Marquez :)

    He was laying down with his elbow on the ground and at the same time oversteering.
  18. Really happy for Marquez. A terrific victory today and a good close battle between him and Pedrosa. I really enjoyed that race!
  19. Yup very good race!
    Not many overtakes or similar but with Marquez behind Pedrosa you just knew something was about to pop off any minute.


    Jerez next, i think Yamaha will be much stronger there.