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2012 FSR Fantasy League: Mid-season Statistics

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    With the first half of the 2012 FSR Fantasy League competition gone, it is a good time to share some statistics with all of you to find out which managers and drivers have stood out so far! With the London Olympic Games so close on everyone's mind, let's find out who would have taken gold, silver and bronze medals in the different FSR Fantasy League stats!

    Important Notes:
    • The statistics only include the six 2012 FSR Fantasy League rounds to date, from Monaco to Belgium. The first 3 races of the FSR WC season are not taken into account.
    • Unless otherwise mentioned, all scores represent FSR Fantasy League points, not FSR World Championship points.
    General Stats
    • Total Registered Teams: 86
    • Total Driver Transfers: 194
    • Total Team Costs: $807.700
    • Total Participating Nations: 30
    • Highest Number of Teams: Great Britain (18)

    Managers Stats
    • Highest Number of Points:
      Gold: Ondrej Kuncman (471)
      Silver: Nicolas Gschwind (467)
      Bronze: Matteo Cabri (371)

    • Most Rounds Won:
      Gold: Simon Adebisi (2)
      Silver: John-Eric Saxen, Andrew Smith, Paul Boon, Mikko Puumalainen (1)

    • Most Rounds in Top 3:
      Gold: Simon Adebisi, Ondrej Kuncman, Chris Cousall, John-Eric Saxen (2)

    • Most Rounds in Top 5:
      Gold: Simon Adebisi, Ondrej Kuncman, Chris Cousall, Nicolas Gschwind, Andrew Smith (3)
      Silver: Paul Boon, John-Eric Saxen, Fred Gosling, Matteo Cabri (2)

    • Most Rounds in Top 10:
      Gold: Nicolas Gschwind (6)
      Silver: Ondrej Kuncman (4)
      Bronze: Simon Adebisi, Matteo Cabri, Ernesto De Angelis, Andrew Smith, Chris Cousall, Fred Gosling, Mikko Puumalainen (3)

    • Highest Round Score:
      Gold: Paul Boon (102; Spainish round)
      Silver: John-Eric Saxen (99; Canadian round)
      Bronze: Mikko Puumalainen (98; Belgian round)

    WC Drivers Stats
    • Most Selected Driver:
      Gold: Giuseppe Marconi (51% of all teams)
      Silver: Giuseppe Rainieri (49% of all teams)
      Bronze: Jaakko Mikkonen (33% of all teams)

    • Most Points Scored:
      Gold: Bono Huis (202 in 5 rounds)
      Silver: Morgan Morand (168 in 6 rounds)
      Bronze: Rasmus Tali (88 in 6 rounds)

    • Best Points Average:
      Gold: Bono Huis (40.4 points per round)
      Silver: Morgan Morand (28 points per round)
      Bronze: Jernej Simoncic (18 points per round)

    • Best Points-Cost Ratio:
      Gold: Morgan Morand ($22.62 per point scored)
      Silver: Bono Huis ($23.76 per point scored)
      Bronze: John-Eric Saxen ($30 per point scored)

    • Best Round Score:
      Gold: Morgan Morand (62; Spainish round)
      Silver: Bono Huis (52; Canadian/British rounds)
      Bronze: Fredrik Nilsson (31; Canadian round)

    • Most FSR WC Points:
      Gold: Bono Huis (112 in 5 participations)
      Silver: Morgan Morand (90 in 6 participations)
      Bronze: Rasmus Tali (54 in 6 participations)

    • Most Fastest Lap Points:
      Gold: Bono Huis (9; 3 rounds)
      Silver: Morgan Morand (6; 2 rounds)
      Bronze: Rasmus Tali (3; 1 round)

    • Most Checkered Flag Points:
      Gold: Morgan Morand, Rasmus Tali (18; 6 rounds)
      Silver: Bono Huis, Gergo Baldi, John-Eric Saxen (15; 5 rounds)
      Bronze: Peter Varga, Petar Brljak, Patrick De Wit, Blair Disley, Eros Masciulli, Jeffrey Rietveld, Giuseppe Marconi (12; 4 rounds)

    • Most Overtaker Points:
      Gold: Jim Parisis (23; 3 rounds)
      Silver: Petar Brljak (18; 3 rounds)
      Bronze: Gergo Baldi (14; 3 rounds)

    • Most Poleman Points:
      Gold: Bono Huis (40; 4 rounds)
      Silver: Morgan Morand (20; 2 rounds)

    • Most Top Ten Points:
      Gold: Bono Huis, Morgan Morand, Rasmus Tali (10; 5 rounds)
      Silver: Yannick Lapchin, Patrick De Wit, Fredrik Nilsson (8; 4 rounds)
      Bronze: Blair Disley, Eros Masciulli, Jeffrey Rietveld, Jack Keithley, Raino Room, John-Eric Saxen (6; 3 rounds)

    • Most Team Leader Points:
      Gold: Patrick De Wit, John-Eric Saxen (12; 6 rounds)
      Silver: Blair Disley, Morgan Morand, Bono Huis (10; 5 rounds)
      Bronze: Yannick Lapchin, Gergo Baldi, Raino Room (8; 4 rounds)

    • Most Hat-trick Points:
      Gold: Bono Huis (10; 2 rounds)
      Silver: Morgan Morand (5; 1 round)

    • Most Grand Slam Points:
      Gold: Morgan Morand (10; 1 round)

    • Most Fair Play Points:
      Gold: John-Eric Saxen, Patrick De Wit, Blair Disley, Raino Room (10; 5 rounds)
      Silver: Yannick Lapchin, Morgan Morand, Giuseppe Marconi, Gergo Baldi (8; 4 rounds)
      Bronze: Jaakko Mikkonen, Fredrik Nilsson, Bono Huis, Jim Parisis (6; 3 rounds)

    • Most Penalty Points (Minor + Major): George Chatzipantelis, Peter Varga (25)

    With 6 rounds gone and 6 to go, the second half of the 2012 FSR Fantasy League will kick off next weekend at Monza! Who will be leading these stats at the end of the season?
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