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Misc 2012 Firestone Firehawk Indycar Tyres 1.7


  1. aagancia submitted a new resource:

    2012 Firestone Firehawk Indycar tyres (version 1.7) - Tyres

    Installation instructions:
    1. Copy contents of the “default” folder into your F1 2012 installation folder. The default installs tyres as seen above.

    OPTIONAL Render Materials file:
    Select the option you wish to apply, then copy and overwrite the render_materials.xml located in your “..\F1 2012\cars” folder

    1. No “Set 3” mark- removes the “Set 3” mark from the Super Soft and Medium tyres
    2. White band on soft tyre- Soft tyre is replaced with white band tyres as seen below…

    3. Pirelli style colors- changes soft to yellow band tyres and medium to white...

    4. Pirelli style text colors- “Firestone Firehawk” text only, changes color per compound.

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Yes yes .... awesome,you´re the man.It´s brilliant!:geek:Thank you so much.
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  3. Thnks a lot! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Can you made a version without "set 3 logo"? or made them with a "R" Logo? (R logo is more like indy tyres). Just a suggestion! :roflmao:
  5. Its easy to remove the "set 3" mark. just needs some tweak on the xml. I can post one here in a few minutes.

    I did not use the big "R" or the "L" they usually use on Indycar since it represents tyres for the left or right side of the car. It may show on the wrong side of the car, it won't look right.
  6. What must i change in the render_materials that the other cars by me have the own tyres,like michelin and bridgestone?I have this as the main tyre ...
  7. that would require much more than just editing the render_materials. You would need to edit each and every car's pssg to make them have their own set of tyres.
  8. This is done...i put these firestone in cars,and i put tyre..and tyre_blur etc in team textures.But it shows all cars firestone...
  9. ahh, ok, I understand now. Then you're right, just some xml changes can make it work. I'll send you something in a while that you can try.
  10. Before it was so...pirelli the main,and the teams with michelin,goodyear etc...i was thinking that when i copy again the tyre textures into team textures then it works again,but nothing.But ok,i will see with your´s.I´m waiting.
    But really nice firestone tyres:thumbsup:
  11. Thanks a lot!

    PS: About "R" marking, maybe can be mean "racing" :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:
  12. please try this render_materials.xml. this should pull out tyre textures inserted in the car pssg.

    follow these steps to have the firestones as your main tyre, all other cars will use their specific tyre.

    1. all non-firestone cars must have their tyre textures in the car pssg as "**tyre.tga", "**tyre_blur.tga", "**tyre_mask.tga" ( ** may be "fe2" or "mc2" or whatever prefix you use)
    2. Firestone cars must NOT have any additional tyre textures in their pssg.
    3. install the firestone mod pack
    4. download and use this render_materials.xml http://www.mediafire.com/?nj27puwv1l6zpna

    there are still some limitations to this mod system
    *all cars will use the Firestone treads
    *only one type of firestone tyre wall can be used for all compounds. In this case, I have set the soft(red band) tyres for firestone. If you wish to use the black walled firestone, just let me know, I can make a new xml file.

    I only did a quick test with this new xml, just let me know if you encounter any issues.
  13. It works fine.I prefer than the black wall version...is more used for inter and wet .So if you can made this it´s perfect then;)

    Ps.It is no chance to become all tyre versions to use with extra team tyre´s...?But as i said the black tyre wall is the optimal version for this then.
  14. hey - "MASTER OF RIMS & TYRES" :)
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  15. Here's are 2 versions of the materials-render.xml. one is for firestone with red band(same as previous), one is for black tyre wall. still thesame instructions to use as before.

    I still can't find a way to use multiple tyre versions and treads. Hope I get lucky and stumble on a solution.
  16. What I want more:DToo good to drive it...My baby for all time:inlove: 2013-03-30_00001.jpg
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  17. Looking good with the tyres. :)
  18. Yea now it´s perfect.I´m the happiest man on earth:DThanks also to you...
  19. No problem.
    You like it, i'm happy too. :thumbsup: