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2012 Car "Skills" thread

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Michael Manuel Marini, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Ok, I find helpful to have a thread where we can discuss over the 2012 cars' skills and characteristics, in condition of same standard setup.
    It would be a nice start for whom manage and race in championship with 2012 cars values, for setting up the vehicle.

    (For example, Red Bull should be the most stable in the circus.)

    What are your 2cents about the cars?
  2. circus? or circuit?


    I'd say the best all rounder is the McLaren on this game, I've found the McLaren & Lotus both eat tyres - maybe its just the setup I use on those two...

    Are we talking on equal settings? or in career mode?
  3. I also found that the McLaren was very fast in general, but I also really the Red Bull. With the right setup I toss that car anywhere and it just grips and grips. The Mercedes has understeer, which really hurts time at high speed corners.

    I also found that the Caterham, despite being a bit slow, is fun to drive.
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  4. McLaren is the best car by far I'd say. Well, not by far, but it is the best car undoubtably.

    As for the Caterham being fun to drive, well. It's just easy to drive. But a lot easier is the Marussia I'd say. I tried that car on Melbourne, damn you can push it to the limit with ease. With such good rear end, you just have to worry about your front and you can just easily throw it around a corner.. And as far as you don't overpush it, the understeer doesn't really bother you that much. And I brake later with a Marussia than with a McLaren. :D
  5. Thats because the Marussia is so slow you dont have to brake as much to slow it down :D.
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  6. I was thinking the exact same thing lol :p
  7. Well, yea. That's right. But it's easy to drive, isn't it? :p
  8. career mode, or better, online races with 2012 values, and not equivalent..

    It would be a huge work if someone records values like top speed, feelings in entering corners, stability in corners exit, breaking power... etc... for every car...
  9. You can simply see those values in the game files and then just drive the cars once to feel their own characters and voalia. But I'm a lazy ass so I won't do it. :D
  10. I've the 360 version of the game, I can't do it.

    Please, post them, many gamers would appreciate it :( :( :(
  11. Well some of the characteristics from 2012 performance also carry over to equal cars too, because cm just try to balance them instead of a complete overhaul to make them perfectly equal (which im sure would be less effort than trying to balance) so in some ways I can give my views.

    McLaren - understeers heavily mid corner so you might want to lower front and rear suspension stiffness or add more wing.
    Red Bull - Fairly balanced all round but obviously might be slow in straight line so lower wings to 1-1. Balanced setup applies.
    Ferrari - The most balanced car from experience it has being 4 months ago since I drove this car. Balanced setup applies.
    Mercedes - Understeers on entry, try adding front balance.
    Lotus - No idea
    Williams - Amazing grip on entry and mid corner and possibly the easiest car to drive in the game if you like that but lacks abit of traction. Balanced setup applies.
    Sauber - No idea
    Toro Rosso - Online at least has brilliant traction and is fairly balanced elsewhere so offline I expect the same. Balanced setup applies.
    Marussia - Is light at the front and a little oversteery so great turn in but lacks traction so can be tough to drive out of slow corners. Lower front suspension stiffness and front balance.
    HRT - Just don't, offline and online the car is awful.

  12. You just said ONLINE car balances. At least I've driven the Marussia tho and it understeers heavily in 2012 performance mode. It has amazing traction and rear end and no front end at all.

    Toro Rosso doesn't transfer its traction from online to offline as far as I remember.
  13. Well as I said, some do carry over like the Williams and McLaren so only giving my opinion.
  14. The values might be the same but the feel is different on Xbox from PC. You have a lot more front end on the Xbox and we have more rear end on the PC. So it's different. =/
  15. I would say they are the same, both platforms tbh.... :S

    Could be wrong but that's what I have found
  16. I think the differences are in the tyres. On the xbox they heat up faster and are max by the second corner on some tracks but you can also overheat them bu then you can extract the maximum out of them thus what may look like extra grip where as on the PC they can take more than a whole lap to warm up and you can not overheat them at all unless you really get some wheel spin going, so cannot get the maximum out of them.

    That could change the way you make setups on longer races but I think there is a standard setup all every car for every track anyway.

  17. I don't think it's the tyres. Just the overall grip. Because with more grip of course you'll heat up the tyres faster. And Xbox players overheat the tyres in corners because the grip is just too much. I mean, we have too much grip on the PC, imagine what it is on the Xbox. :D Unrealistic as hell. Altho our cars don't have normal oversteer, just snap oversteer due to the bumps. For them it's a little different. So yea, both games unrealistic in their own way. But I don't think you can compare them because the difference in grip and rear/front end grip.
  18. I havent noticed that, will test it out sometime! I would of thought physics would all be the same. But you could be right mate :)