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2011 mod easier than 2010 mod?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Alex Kyriak, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all, just testing the 2011 FSR mod round some of my tracks. It seems it's far more stable in high speed corners than the 2010 mod. I seem to be able to get faster and more committed with it than the 2010.

    Was wondering what other people's impressions were? :D
  2. +1 For me its good, more stable and fast :)
  3. We did alot of work on the aero model of this year's car. The wings and underbody characteristics have been given a proper remake. Same applies to the tyres.

    To sum it up very shortly last year's car had low and medium speed understeer built into the tyres in an attempt to simulate the narrower front tyres that came into place that year. The aero then had to be a little bit more forward, or rather the rear was much less efficient to make the car handle high speed cornering despite a built in understeer.

    What we have done for this rear is quite the opposite. With all the complaints about last year's car being to steady and understeery in low speed we made sure the tyres were alot more edgy this year. Their envelopes are smaller, they go off quicker and when they do they lose grip at the rear first. To counter this we made particularly the rear wing much more efficient to keep the rear in place and used the underbody to fine tune the balance of the car to make it handle better in high speed corners.

    With the front tyres biting better, and the rear end hanging in because of the more effective RW you could perhaps be a little bit more committed as you say. The car is def quicker than last year, which makes sense given the never ending development in F1.
  4. Joakim, many thanks indeed for the in-depth reply, much appreciated :) awesome mod.
  5. I can only agree, the mod is awsome!
  6. I have to say that im probably one of the few that likes 2010 mod more then this years mod, but that could be due to personal preference as i like to have understeer instead of oversteer. These 2011 cars behaves a bit different like Joakim explained and i think it requires more time to find the right setup thats what i experienced last few weeks during testing.

    Still a great mod though compared to what we have had last 5 years. xD greet job guys.