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2009 GP2 Series

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Hans Sneep, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

  2. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

  3. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Teams and Driver GP2 Asia series

    Teams and Drivers who are racing in the GP2 Asia series:


    Small mistake:Ocean Racing ,Driver Luca Filippi replace Fabrizzio Crestani
  4. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Driver Standings

    Driver standings:after one race complete and one race half.

    1 K.Kobayashi 22P (DAMS)
    2 R.Rodriquez 19P (Piquet GP)
    3 D.Valsecchi 15P (Durango)
    4 J.Villa 10P (Super Nova R)
    5 Earl Bamber 8P (My Qi-Meritus Mahara)
    6 V.Petrov 8P (Barwa Int.Campos Team)
    7 S.Yamamoto 7P (ART GP)
    8 G.vd Garde 5P (GHF Team iSport)
    9 Ch.vd Drift 5P (Trident Racing)
    10 J.D'Ambrosic 4P (DAMS)
    11 S.Perez 3P (DPR)

    Rest of the drivers no points.

    Next Race Bahrain 23-25 January 2009 Bahrain- logo.gif


  5. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    GP2 Nigth Event in Qatar

    The GP2 Series organisation has announced that the fourth round of the GP2 Asia Series 08-09 championship will now take place in Qatar, instead of Dubai as previously scheduled for the end of February. The GP2 Asia Series circus will now compete at the Losail International Circuit on February 6th and 7th. Qatar is not only a new addition to our calendar, but it also marks a historical event for GP2 as the entire race weekend will take place at night.

    It will also be the first time that the Losail International Circuit organise a single-seater night race. Series Organiser Bruno Michel commented: "I am very pleased to report that we will be having a night race weekend in Qatar. It is a very exciting new challenge, and one that GP2 is happy to take up. The Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore proved to be a success, generating tremendous interest among both media and fans all over the world: we are confident that the GP2 Asia Series will offer the same kind of dramatic action in Qatar in true GP2 style. I am really looking forward to that fourth round."

    The timetable will be announced at a later date.


  6. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    First race 2009

    Press release
    GP2 Asia Series - Bahrain

    21st of January 2009

    Ocean Racing Technology to race in Bahrain this weekend
    Portuguese team continues with the same drivers

    Ocean Racing Technology heads to Bahrain this weekend for the third meeting of the GP2 Asia Series, the second event for the Portuguese team. After an excellent start in Dubai, the team managed by Tiago Monteiro and Jose Guedes, have put their confidence in the same driver duo of Yelmer Buurman and Fabrizio Crestani.

    The two men will be behind the wheel of the teams two singleseaters once again, both keen to repeat the kind of performances displayed in Dubai a month ago during the team's debut appearance in the GP2 Asia Series.

    Tiago Monteiro has confidence in Ocean Racing Technology's progress: "This meeting will be like another first for us. There was excessive flooding in Dubai and we could only contest the one race and therefore only complete half of the work we planned. But our great qualifying, Buurman's performance in the first ten laps as well as Crestani's stunning debut, has given us confidence in our potential. I'm glad we can count on the same driver line-up in Bahrain. It's true, we want to test several drivers in the Asia Series but as we couldn't finish the job initially planned in Dubai and it only makes sense to continue on with the same drivers at the moment."

    The Portuguese team continues its preparation for the GP2 Main Series and will use the Asian Series as crucial training for the rest of the year. Tiago Monteiro and Jose Guedes underlined the good balance and competitiveness of the GP2 series and the fact that every team has already won at least one race. GP2 is the best access to Formula One and benefits from worldwide visibility and coverage. Therefore it is a very important championship for young emerging talents such as Buurman and Crestani.

    Qualifying will be held on Thursday January 22. The first race (180km) will start at 12h00 and the second (120km) at the same time on Saturday. Both races will be broadcasted by Eurosport 2

  7. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Hulkenberg on Pole


    GP2 news
    Hülkenberg swoops in and gets pole
    22 January 2009

    Quick today in Free Practice, rookie Nico Hülkenberg kept on impressing greatly this afternoon as he secured pole position on his first GP2 Asia race weekend at the wheel of the ART Grand Prix car. He topped the timing sheet after only 10 minutes into the session and then signed his best laptime in a 1:41.351 in the last minutes of the event.

    Dams took P2 and P3 with Jérôme d'Ambrosio leading Kamui Kobayashi. The two drivers of the French squad fought until the very last second to try and take the top stop, the Belgian taking over his teammate just before the chequered flag after flying in sectors 1 and 2.

    However, the battle for front rows wasn't just about them as they also had to push hard in order to better the likewise impressive rookie Edoardo Mortara at Arden. The Italian eventually secured the second row and will start tomorrow next to the Championship leader Kobayashi.

    Roldan Rodriguez at Piquet GP had to wait until the chequered flag to clock in his fastest laptime. The Spaniard finished P5 ahead of iSport's Van der Garde, ART's Sakon Yamamoto, Super Nova's Javier Villa, and GP2 returnee Marco Bonanomi at Meritus.Mahara. At the wheel of the Durango car, Davide Valsecchi completed the Top 10. Earlier in the session, his teammate Della Stelle went off track on cold tyres and could not rejoin.

  8. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Time table Qualifying :

    1 N. Hulkenberg ART Grand Prix 1:41.351
    2 J. d`Ambrosio DAMS 1:41.476
    3 K. Kobayashi DAMS 1:41.523
    4 E. Mortara Trust Team Arden 1:41.978
    5 Roldan Rodriguez Piquet GP 1:42.195
    6 G. van der Garde iSport International 1:42.307
    7 S. Yamamoto ART Grand Prix 1:42.344
    8 J. Villa Super Nova International 1:42.355
    9 M. Bonanomi Qi-Meritus.Mahara 1:42.362
    10 D. Valsecchi Durango 1:42.449
    11 V. Petrov Campos 1:42.458
    12 D. Nunes Piquet GP 1:42.564
    13 S. Perez Campos 1:42.633
    14 J. Jakes Super Nova International 1:42.636
    15 E. Bamber Qi-Meritus.Mahara 1:42.798
    16 H. Al Fardan iSport International 1:42.818
    17 Y. Buurman Ocean Racing Technology 1:42.833
    18 L. Razia Trust Team Arden 1:43.061
    19 F. Crestani Ocean Racing Technology 1:43.373
    20 A. Valles Trident Racing 1:43.401
    21 M. Herck DPR 1:43.413
    22 R. Gonzalez FMS International 1:43.702
    23 G. Ricci DPR 1:44.043
    24 F. Provenzano Trident Racing 1:44.325
    25 K. Nai Chia Chen FMS International 1:45.281
    26 M. Dalle Stelle Durango no time


    (try to get it in a neat list,did not work? help)
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hulkenberg ftw :)

    Very easy, press "new reply" and a full WYSIWYG editor appears. Press one of the list icons and you can make an organised list :thumb:
    • 1
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    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three


    Thanks for keeping us posted with GP2 stuff. Love the series
  10. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    1. Result first race:
      Driver Team Time
      1 K. Kobayashi DAMS 1:00:10.318
      2 J. d`Ambrosio DAMS + 5.892
      3 E. Mortara Trust Team Arden + 18.570
      4 N. Hulkenberg ART Grand Prix + 19.436
      5 D. Valsecchi Durango + 20.358
      6 Roldan Rodriguez Piquet GP + 24.076
      7 G. van der Garde iSport International + 24.748
      8 S. Perez Campos + 27.452
      9 J. Villa Super Nova International + 30.587
      10 V. Petrov Campos + 36.702
      11 E. Bamber Qi-Meritus.Mahara + 38.042
      12 H. Al Fardan iSport International + 51.424
      13 D. Nunes Piquet GP + 55.560
      14 L. Razia Trust Team Arden + 1:06.976
      15 F. Provenzano Trident Racing + 1:14.584
      16 R. Gonzalez FMS International + 1:18.339
      17 S. Yamamoto ART Grand Prix + 1:18.391
      18 M. Herck DPR + 1:18.559
      19 M. Dalle Stelle Durango + 1:46.185
      20 M. Bonanomi Qi-Meritus.Mahara + 1 laps
      21 K. Nai Chia Chen FMS International + 2 laps
      22 J. Jakes Super Nova International + 3 laps
      Did not finish
      23 G. Ricci DPR + 12 laps
      24 A. Valles Trident Racing + 20 laps
      25 Y. Buurman Ocean Racing Technology + 34 laps
      26 F. Crestani Ocean Racing Technology + 34 laps
    Tomorrow second race with Gido vd Garde on front row(2 )

    (list not working with copy and past,have to do that by hand I think)
  11. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Results second race

    1 S. Perez Campos 40:14.642
    2 D. Valsecchi Durango + 0.749
    3 J. d`Ambrosio DAMS + 8.081
    4 N. Hulkenberg ART Grand Prix + 8.675
    5 J. Villa Super Nova International + 10.533
    6 K. Kobayashi DAMS + 11.116
    7 E. Bamber Qi-Meritus.Mahara + 15.441
    8 E. Mortara Trust Team Arden + 16.230
    9 L. Razia Trust Team Arden + 17.213
    10 M. Bonanomi Qi-Meritus.Mahara + 17.821
    11 S. Yamamoto ART Grand Prix + 18.323
    12 V. Petrov Campos + 25.466
    13 Y. Buurman Ocean Racing Technology + 29.283
    14 G. van der Garde iSport International + 36.850
    15 F. Provenzano Trident Racing + 41.242
    16 G. Ricci DPR + 44.677
    17 F. Crestani Ocean Racing Technology + 45.389
    18 M. Herck DPR + 50.464
    19 A. Valles Trident Racing + 55.913
    20 M. Dalle Stelle Durango + 1:04.298
    21 K. Nai Chia Chen FMS International + 1:07.235
    22 D. Nunes Piquet GP + 1:09.072
    23 Roldan Rodriguez Piquet GP + 1 laps
    Did not finish
    24 R. Gonzalez FMS International + 9 laps
    25 H. Al Fardan iSport International + 11 laps
    26 J. Jakes Super Nova International + 15 laps

    Yelmer Buurman,started from place 26 finished at place 13.
    Gido vd Garde (second on the grid) had clutch problems ans started from pitlane,finished at place 14

  12. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Driver standings

    1. K. Kobayashi 34
    2. D. Valsecchi 24
    3. Roldan Rodriguez 22
    4. J. d`Ambrosio 17
    5. J. Villa 12
    6. S. Perez 10
    7. N. Hulkenberg 9
    8. E. Bamber 8
    9. V. Petrov 8
    10. S. Yamamoto 7
    11. G. van der Garde 7
    12. E. Mortara 6
    13. C. van der Drift 5
    14. Y. Buurman 0
    15. D. Nunes 0
    16. H. Yoshimoto 0
    17. L. Razia 0
    18. M. Bonanomi 0
    19. A. Yoong 0
    20. M. Mäki 0
    21. L. Filippi 0
    22. J. Jakes 0
    23. R. Van der Zande 0
    24. A. Zuber 0
    25. C. Iaconelli 0
    26. H. Al Fardan 0
    27. Y. Sekiguchi 0
    28. P. Maldonado 0
    29. G. Ricci 0
    30. N. Philippe 0
    31. F. Crestani 0
    32. F. Provenzano 0
    33. M. Herck 0
    34. K. Nai Chia Chen 0
    35. A. Valerio 0
    36. R. Gonzalez 0
    37. M. Dalle Stelle 0
    38. A. Valles 0

    Next Race :13-14 February, Qatar-Losail

  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am not sure what to think from Guide van der Garde anymore. A few years back he was declared dutch best talent by all the media but for some reason his carreer seems not to take off. Same story for Ho-Ping Tung
  14. Yea it seems like his progression came to an end:(
  15. Guido never has been one of the top drivers in the field he is good enough for top 10, but with a big bag of money behind you nowadays you can get quite far into the top teams, and sadly that means aswell that your car is probebly faster then from a might more talented guy with less money is a less good team.

    I look more at Nico Hulkenberg talent all overhim imo :)
  16. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Press release
    GP2 Main Series

    3rd of February 2009

    Ocean Racing Technology confirms Karun Chandhok
    Indian ace becomes first driver recruited by Tiago Monteiro for GP2 Main Series

    Ocean Racing Technology has secured a top driver contract for the GP2 Main Series with Indian driver, Karun Chandhok joining forces with the Portuguese team, making him the first driver confirmed for the outfit directed by Tiago Monteiro. At 24, Karun has two complete seasons in the series under his belt as well as two victories and therefore brings great experience with him that will be decisive for the all new team in the GP2 Main Series.

    "It is very important for Ocean Racing Technology to guarantee the presence of a talented driver such as Karun Chandhok. He is fast, hard worker and already has some great results on different kinds of tracks. He always had an excellent working relationship with engineers and team principals that he has previously worked with and has won two races in the GP2 Main Series. It is extremely positive that he signed this contract well before the championship starts because this way we can immediately begin work for the Main Series. For us, it is important that an experienced and fast driver like Karun puts his confidence in Ocean Racing Technology, which is a very young team. He is the driver we need to achieve our goals, which are to be competitive right away and consistently into the points," Tiago said.

    In 2007 Karun Chandhok triumphed in Spa, one of the most demanding circuits of the season, in just his first year in the championship. He was also the driver who progressed the most throughout the season. In 2008 he raced with iSport international where he continued to show his speed with several good races, among them a victory at Hockenheim. He also received a distinction at the end of the year for the best style of driving. The first signs of Karun's talent appeared in his first years in auto racing and were soon confirmed when he was crowned in his first year in the Formula Renault V6 Asian championship in 2006, a triumph which was his passport for the GP2 Championship.

    For his third season in the championship Karun knows he is getting closer to F1 and believes in Ocean Racing Technology.

    The first races of the GP2 Main Series will begin in Barcelona on May 9. Until then Ocean Racing Technology will continue to take part in the GP2 Asia championship where they plan to gather more experience and find a good rhythm and momentum to carry with them when the Main Series opens on European soil.
    oceanracing-Karun.jpg O-racing-Karun.jpg

  17. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Gido vd Garde

    GP2 news
    Van der Garde and Nunes confirmed at iSport

    Giedo van der Garde and Diego Nunes were announced on Friday morning by iSport as the team's drivers for the GP2 Main series. Van der Garde is currently racing for iSport in the GP2 Asia series while Nunes competes for DPR.

    23 year old Dutch driver and reigning World Series by Renault Champion Giedo van der Garde has had an impressive start to his rookie GP2 Asia season with GFH team iSport and will graduate to the prestigious GP2 Series which supports the European rounds of the Formula One World Championship. He will be joined by exciting young Brazilian driver Diego Nunes who joins iSport after racing in GP2 last year with David Price Racing.

    "We are delighted to have Giedo and Diego on board for the 2009 GP2 Series, said Paul Jackson, iSport Team Principle. "We have been building a good relationship with Giedo during the GP2 Asia Series and he was impressive during the winter testing. We were equally impressed with Diego Nunes after he tested with us at Paul Ricard last year and with a years experience in GP2 he will be a valuable addition to the team.
  18. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Night Race Qatar

    First GP2 victory for Hulkenberg
    13 February 2009 / Results

    n only his second appearance in GP2 German race talent Nico Hulkenberg has dominated and won race 1 in Qatar. Under the floodlights of Qatar the ART Grand Prix driver led for most of the race and finished well ahead of Campos drivers Sergio Perez and Vitaly Petrov.



    ps start from POLE
  19. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Y.Buurman heavy accident

    Y.Buurman have had a heavy accident in the first race ,start from place 23 after some problems in Qualifying, did start well but overlooked a standing car on the grid,from Sakon yamamoto and hit him on high speed .
    Driver OK car not so OK: Y.Buurman-18.jpg

    Yelmer is hoping the car will ready for tomorrows race.

    Gido vd Garde had a disappointing race start from place 16 ,complaining about the speed of the car and finished on 12't place .

  20. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Team CAMPOS takes double

    Campos teams takes the double in Qatar
    14 February 2009 / Results

    Sergio Perez claimed victory in Qatar on Saturday evening finishing just ahead of his team-mate Vitaly Petrov. Winner of Friday's race, Nico Hulkenberg, finished third. It was the first time in the history of GP2 that the fans saw the same three drivers on the podium for both the feature race as the sprint race.

    Arden Motorsport drivers Luiz Razia and Edoardo Mortara started from the front row on Saturday evening in Qatar. The duo made a bad start though and saw Campos drivers Sergio Perez and Vitaly Petrov take first and second with a fantastic start. The Campos drivers would easily race towards the double.

    Nico Hulkenberg had to settle down behind Edoardo Mortara who was well on the pace in third. The Italian was unable to keep the German behind him for long tough. Hulkenberg overtook Mortara for third at the end of the straight scoring another podium finish.

    Podium 2 de race-.jpg

    Gido vd Garde started 16 place finished 8

    Yelmer Buurman not started ,car not ready after crash first race.

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