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200 % head physics....

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Paul Bongers, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I come back to Race On every other day after having played NFS Shif (on PC). One thing that's nice in shift is the fact that head acceleration movement if felt more 'intesely'.

    So I tried to replicate that in Race On by setting the following :

    Head Physics="2.00000" // Fraction of head physics movement applied to cockpit view (position AND rotation)

    instead of :

    Head Physics="1.00000" // Fraction of head physics movement applied to cockpit view (position AND rotation)

    This works fine... but.... now, while in cockpit view, while things get more shaky (and more alive), as requested, the view is also "rolled"... It's like, even when standing still, you just "rolled" your head by some 30 degrees or so.

    Can anybody indicate how to solve this please? Maybe some camera file in which I could compensate for the "Roll" ? Or some other setting ?

    The 200% feel realy nice in the slower cars by the way.... just try it (and don't get seasick!!)....

  2. there is an option in the visual or game options to give what is called, 'world movement', setting 0-100%, have you tried that?, because i think thats what your looking for, there is also g-force camera movement too if i remember correct.
  3. Yes... I did try that.... don't realy get what it's used for (the "world movement" setting) but it has imact. When I set it to 3 instead of 1, the outside image starts shaking heavily (it's unusable like that), even when in idle.... don't know why... would it be the vibrations from the engine that induce this ??

    So... no luck with that setting. What do you mean by the g-force camera setting ?