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1994 mod sauber loading garage paddock

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by doc303, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. beta version 1984 Sauber

    SAUBER 1(min).jpg SAUBER 2(min).jpg SAUBER 3(min).jpg SAUBER 4(min).jpg SAUBER 5(min).jpg SAUBER 6(min).jpg SAUBER 7(min).jpg
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  2. Looks absolutely fantastic - although the checkered stuff makes my eyes cry - it's just so goddamn 90's! Nice job!
  3. thanks for your compliment :)
    i worked really hard on it :rolleyes:
  4. Yeah, one can clearly see it - great effort, mate! You're a worthy partner for Schifty :D

    But still - that chair hurts in my eyes :p

    Keep doing this great job, mate, and best regards to Schifty :) Hope to see him back soon!
  5. yes :D i wont chair flash to the eyes :laugh:
  6. Wow oufff really great, didnt see it before the show here... keep going on our great job.. now im off modding because im no more at home for next 2 month since yesterday :(
  7. i made a new garage layout

    garage_Sauber 94-1-M.jpg garage_Sauber 94-2-M.jpg garage_Sauber 94-3-M.jpg garage_Sauber 94-4-M.jpg garage_Sauber 94-5-M.jpg
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  8. Amazing work Doc :) !
    As I was just editing the driver photos of my F1 version with all my different cars and different drivers compared to the original I was wondering :). If you needed somebody to change the driver pictures and edit the in game names via the language file for Schifty and your 1994 mod you could count me in :).
    Let me know if you need my help with this :)
  9. I'm surprised, very good, i like it. ;) Cant believe where you turned me... and i feel good. :)
  10. i made a new look for the trailer and also for race- and pitcrew
    so i think the sauber is ready !

    SAUBER 94 -1-M.jpg SAUBER 94 -2-M.jpg SAUBER 94 -3-M.jpg SAUBER 94 -4-M.jpg SAUBER 94 -6-M.jpg SAUBER 94 -7-M.jpg
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